XenServer Installation

  1. XenServer Upgrades
    • Do not have any suspended VMs
    • Eject all CD drives of VMs
  2. Pooled Setup & Linux Pack
    • Hosts must have static IP
    • Linux Pack must be on all hosts
    • To later run Linux pack run script install.sh
  3. XenCenter
    • Can run multiple versions
    • XenCentre 4.1 supports XenServer 4.0 hosts
  4. NFS Storage setup
    • chkconfig --list portmap
    • chkconfig --list nfs
    • chkconfig <service> on
    • mkdir/<vm_share_dir>
    • Edit the file /etc/exports and add
    • /<vm_share_dir> *(rw,no_root_squash,sync)
    • Save the file and close

    service <service> restart
  5. Create SR on NFS Share
    • xe sr-create content-type=user type-nfs name-label=<sr_name=> \
    • shared-true device-config-server=<server> \
    • device-config-serverpath=<path>

    • device-config-server: hostname of NFS server
    • device-config-server-path: path on server
    • Since shared=true, future hosts will be connected to this storage
  6. Create SR on NFS Share
    • xe pool-param-set uuid=<pool_uuid> \
    • default-SR=storage_repository_uuid>

    • xe pool-list: UUID of the pool
    • Since shared=pool wiid default, future hosts will have disks created on this storage
  7. Prepare iSCSI Storage
    • Assign virtual storage volume on iSCSI SAN
    • Create IQNs on SAN for each host (Use XenCenter or CLI)
    • XenCenter used to create SRs for iSCSI or NetApp, contents of volume will be deleted
  8. Configure iSCSI IQN via CLI
    • Text Console: xe-set-iscsi-iqn <iscsi_iqn>
    • CLI: xe host-param-set uuid=<host_uuid> other-config-iscsi-iqn=<iscsi_iqn>
    • Repeat for each host
  9. Create SR on iSCSI Share
    • xe sr-create name-label=<name_for_sr>
    • content-type=user device-config-target=<iscsi_server_ip_address>
    • device-config-targetIQN=<iscsi_target_iqn>
    • type-lvmoiscsi shared=true device-config-LUNid=<lun_id>

    • Device-config-target: hostname/IP iSCSI server
    • Device-config-LUNid: comma separated list of LUN IDs
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