Geometry Unit 3

  1. Line segment and intersection
    The intersection of two or more lines is the point or points that they have in common
  2. Midpoint formula
    (X1+X2/2, Y1+Y2/2)
  3. Acute
    Less than 900
  4. Obtuse
    Is more than 90o
  5. Right
    Is exactly 90o
  6. Angle bisector
    A ray that divides an angle into two angles that are congruent
  7. Complementry angles
    Angles that add up to 90o
  8. Supplementary
    Two angles that add up to 180o
  9. Vertical angles
    Two angles that are not adjacent and whose sides are formed by two intersecting lines
  10. Congruent
    The same size
  11. Equality
    The same as each other
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Geometry Unit 3
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