Lord Grabbit

  1. Curt: Your drink Lady Grabbit.

    Lady Grabbit: Thank you Curt.

    Curt: Your drink Lord Grabbit.
  2. C: It is my pleasure your lordship.

    Entre Daphne

    Daphne: Daddy!
    LD: Ah, Daphne dear would you like a drink? Curt? D: No mother I do not want a drink. I’m too, too LG; Too what darling?
    D; Too, too upset. LG: Oh dear. Came and sit-down and tell Mumsie all about it.
    D: It’s Daddy. LG: That will be all Curt.
    C: Very well. D: Daddy says I can’t have a new gown for my engagement.
    LG: Is this true Earnest.
    It most certainly is.
  3. D: But Daddy, I simply must have a new gown for my engagement party. I simply must. I have to be the Belle of the Ball and none of my old gowns will do.
    • Young lady,
    • you will have money to burn once you come into your inheritance.
    • But there will be no inheritance if you squander all my money before I die.
    • Thrift, m’girl, thrift.
    • That’s how I came to be one of the richest men in England, y’know,
    • thrift.
  4. LD: that’s easy for you to say.

    D: But what use is being one of the richest men in England if you never spend any of it? And it could be years before you die. I need the money now while I’m still young enough to enjoy it.
    • And what would a little thing like you
    • find to spend her money on?
    • You have everything you need right here.
  5. D: I want to get married.
  6. D; And there is no way roger and I can get married before I get my inheritance.
    • Can’t think while you would want to marry him anyway.
    • Doesn’t seem to be the marrying kind
    • to me.
  7. D: What do you mean?
    • You'd be better off
    • finding yourself a real man.
  8. D: Daddy! I love Roger and he loves me. And we’ll be married one day, whether you like it or not.
    LD: The child’s right you know dear. Why can’t you give us both our inheritance now so so that we can enjoy the money. While your still alive.
    • Over my dead body!
    • I don’t want to be around to watch
    • the two of you throw away my hard-earned cash!
  9. LD: Ernest!

    D: Daddy!
    • No the subject is closed.
    • I don’t want to hear another word about it.
    • Is that perfectly clear?
  10. D: LD: But that’s not fair.
    No more I tell you. Now I’m going to my study.
  11. LD: To count your money I suppose
    • No my dear,
    • I’m going to check those bill Cook brought me earlier.
    • They seem far too high to me.
  12. LD: We do have to eat you know. Or would you rather stop doing that as well.
    But does she really need to spend so much money on food.
  13. LD: Oh money, money, money. Heaven knows we never go out anymore. We never get invited anywhere because you insist on insulting everyone about the way they spend their money.
    • Thrift, my dear,
    • thrift.
  14. LD: It’s a good job they don’t charge u for the air we breath or you’d have us cut back on that as well.
    • Don’t be facetious dear,
    • it doesn’t become you.
    • Now, I’m going to my study to check those bills
    • and then I shell go into the library and smoke my pipe.
    • I don’t want to be disturbed for anything.
  15. D: But what about my dress, daddy. Please!
    • What’s wrong with the one you wore
    • for Cynthia’s coming out party.
    • That was a pretty dress.
    • You’ve never worn it since.
  16. Oh darling the poor girl..well filled out since then, It's far too small.
    • Well, let it out then.
    • or whatever you woman do with such things!
    • And if she were to cut down on what she is eating,
    • we can save some money into the bargain.
  17. D: Daddy!
    Now there’s an end to it.

    • (exit)
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