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  1. List the cranial nerves I - III
    • I: Olfactory
    • II: Optic Nerve - vision
    • III: Oculomotor Nerve
  2. Which cranial nerves are responsible for eye movement
    III, IV, VI
  3. This cranial nerve is the largest and has both sensory and motor functions, and has three devisions. What is it and what are its three divisions?
    • V - Trigeminal Nerve: 
    •  - Opthalmic
    •  - Maxillary
    •  - Mandibular
  4. What is the function of the VII cranial nerve?
    Facial sensory and motor fxns: some in the jaw, taste in tongue, sensations in part of ear
  5. Which cranial nerve is sensory for hearing and balance?
    VIII: Vestibulocochlear
  6. What is the fxn of the IX and X cranial nerves?
    • Sensory fxn of sinuses, throat, back of the mouth, as well as motor control of throat muscles
    •  - X: sends sensory info from organs in chest and trunk (heart and intestines for ex)
  7. What is the fxn of the XI cranial nerve?
    motor control of muscles in the neck
  8. What is the fxn of the XII cranial nerve?
    motor fxn of muscles in the tongue
  9. What is Homonymous Hemianopsia?
    Loss in half of the visual field on the same side.
  10. What action needs to be taken first with a suspected meningitis?
    • Place the client on droplet precautions
    •  - Precautions can usually be d/c 24 hours after starting abx
  11. What is the purpose of giving thiamine for a pt w/ a hx of alcohol abuse?
    • To prevent Wernicke ence - phalopathy d/t inadequate nutrition. 
    • It manifests as aloc, ataxia, oculomotor dysfunction
  12. Following an insertion of a chest tube for fluid drainage, how much excess ml/hr of drainage should be immediately reported to the provider?
    • >100 mL/hr
    • Excess drainage of frank red blood is indicative of hemorrhage
  13. T or F: A pt. being discharged following a dx of PNA, should use a cool mist humidifier in the bedroom at night
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