Directives Homicide

  1. 631.10 Radio Procedures for a death
    55-A for homicide situations

    55-K for all other deaths
  2. 631.10 Homicide Detectives Responsibility
    1. The homicide sergeant will communicate with the supervisor on the scene to ensure that the scene and evidence are being preserved

    2. The homicide sergeant will coordinate the response of the detectives, criminalists from forensics, the district attorney's office, the ME, and any support units necessary for the investigation.

    3. Upon arrival, the homicide sergeant or designee will assume command of the scene and the investigation.

    4. Criminalists from forensics will process the scene and collect any evidence identified as pertinent to the investigation.

    5. When requested to respond, or if already present, the ME assumes responsibility for the body and the removal of the body from the scene.
  3. 640.60 Dying Declaration
    "A statement made by a declarant while believing that death was imminent, concerning the cause or circumstances of what the declarant believed to be impending death."
  4. 640.60 Dying Declaration suspect in custody:
    In the event the person accused or suspected of inflicting the injury is in custody, they will be brought before the dying person for the purpose of identification.

    This should be done in the presence of witnesses so that they may be able to testify as to the manner in which identification was made.
  5. 870.50 Felony Processing of Adults - Mandatory Booking
    ORS 181.511 and ORS 181.515, mandate that all arrested felony suspects be photographed and fingerprinted upon arrest. If the suspect is not transported to an investigative unit or division, the arresting member will lodge the suspect in Multnomah County Detention Center or cite and release them under provisions of Directive 860.30, after they have been photographed and fingerprinted.
  6. 870.50 Felony Processing of Adults - Reporting
    The arresting officer will prepare a case envelope and deliver, or arrange for its delivery, to the complaint signer prior to 1000 hours the next court day.

    Detectives will ensure that all felony arrests within their area of responsibility are processed completely and forwarded to the District attorney's office by 1000 hours the next court day.
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