Laura Vocab 9

  1. 扭头
    • niu3 tou2
    • v. to turn one's head
  2. 曾经
    • ceng2 jing1
    • adv. once, formerly
  3. 触摸
    • chu4 mo1
    • v. to touch
  4. 触摸屏
    • chu4 mo1 ping2
    • n. a touch screen
  5. 小亮碎
    • xiao3 liang4 sui4
    • n. glittering pieces,
  6. 忽闪
    • hu1 shan3
    • v. to twinkle, sparkle, glitter
  7. 轻柔
    • qing1 rou2
    • adj. soft, light and gentle, pliable
  8. 抚摸
    • fu3 mo1
    • v. to caress, to pet, to fondle
  9. 此时此刻
    • ci3 shi2 ci3 ke4
    • phr. here and now, at this very moment
    • fan2
    • adj/v. many, an array of, a myriad of, diverse
  10. 繁星
    • fan2 xing1
    • n. an array/assortment of stars
  11. 繁星满天
    • fan2 xing man3 tian1
    • a starry sky, a sky filled with a myriad of stars
  12. 满天
    • man3 tian1
    • n. whole sky, all over the sky, everywhere
  13. 举目四望
    • ju3 mu4 si4 wang4
    • phr. to look all around
  14. 举目
    • ju3 mu4
    • v. to raise the eyes, look at
  15. 摆摆手
    • bai3 bai3 shou3
    • phr. to wave one's hand(s). a gesture of admonishment, or to come closer or to indicate a negative response
  16. 墨蓝
    • mo4 lan2
    • n. inky blue, indigo
  17. 天幕
    • tian1 mu4
    • phr. canopy of the heavens, sky
    • mu4
    • char/m. curtain, screen, tent, canopy, act of a play
  18. 光焰
    • guang1 yan4
    • n. radiance, flare, flame
  19. 灿烂
    • can4 lan4
    • adj. brilliant, magnificent, shining
  20. 照亮夜空
    • zhao4 liang4 ye4 kong1
    • phr. to light up the night sky
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Laura Vocab 9
The end has come. I have finished the last pages of the novel "我来当小丑". No more Mr. Bini. No more Boli the poney. No more whiney 6 year old Laura. Total vocab count? 450ish new words, and easily as many unique characters. Fuck this language with a rake sideways.