the factors

  1. metaphysics means
    after physics
  2. insanity is what
    invalidation and evaluation
  3. sanity is what
    validation and no evaluation
  4. people become what you
    what you validate
  5. what is one way to find out whats wrong with your life
    mock up your father twice, then mock up blackness in front of them and have them admire the blackness
  6. the first four dynamics have to do with what
    have to do with man and thetan, self dynamic, sex dynamic, group dynamic, mankind dynamic
  7. generally man is not permitted to be what
    the last four dynamics, all living things, MEST, spirit or thetan, or God
  8. how do you have randomity
    by making something your enemy, something you can't predict, or control
  9. beingness and controlling things
    are the same, to control something you become it
  10. when you like and admire things what happens
    you have no randomity
  11. to control all the eight dynamics what do you do
    you become all the eight dynamics
  12. what else determines randomity
    its your motion or others motion
  13. no motion equals what
    no randomity
  14. what is optimum randomity
    its tolerance for motion, plus motion minus motion
  15. what are the two poles were operating from
    motion and static no motion
  16. when you start talking to another terminal what have you done
    you have selected out another terminal for randomity
  17. what you select out as a enemy can
    can hurt you, randomity
  18. when you talk to a person who are you talking with
    your talking to yourself
  19. when you have attention and perception what do you have and what can you do
    you have a communication line on a terminal not you can exert energy or force on that object
  20. what is sympathy
    its being the same
  21. why is it good to mimic a terminal
    then you have a communication line
  22. survival is based on what
    abundance, high tone, pro survival activities, easy to face loss, because they know they can replace the loss
  23. non survival is based on
    scarcity of abundance low tone, non survival activities, hard to face loss, they know it can't be replaced the loss
  24. the idea of survival lies at the head of what
    the head of all ideas
  25. two terminal lies ahead of
    all energy flows
  26. how does one survive
    you have to be something
  27. your have to have energy to what
    to do things and to have things, which requires two terminals
  28. what is the optimum survival for me
    its a abundance of me, the first dynamic
  29. what happens when you tell someone that something is bad
    they walk away from it, while their still anchored to it
  30. what you fear you
    bring it to you, or you attach yourself to it
  31. to escape fear all you have to do is
    be what you fear, then it can no longer hurt you
  32. communication lines are made out of
  33. what are the two kinds of attention, in a gradient scale
    fixed attention and dispersed attention
  34. when two terminals face each other you have
  35. when two terminals are the same you have
    a interchange of beingness,
  36. when you have attention and a interchange of beingness you get
    a flow of admiration
  37. what does admiration mean
    a fixed flow of attention
  38. first step into the MEST universe is
    to get a viewpoint of dimension with anchor points
  39. when you have a viewpoint of dimension with anchor points you have
    you have space
  40. what is the universal solvent
  41. when you say something is bad your
    saying don't admire it
  42. practice doing what
    admiring things
  43. attention has to do with
    the direction of interest
  44. how can you be something permanently
    by being something and not admire it, then you have a collapsed terminal
  45. when you say isn't that beautiful you
    got a line to it
  46. then you start to hate what you admired now
    now you have a collapsed terminal, and you got it
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