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  1. acute
    a diseases of short duration and often with a sharp or sever effect. Ex: flu or cold
  2. chronic
    a disease of long duration usually with a slo progression. Ex: Diabetes or emphazema
  3. disease
    a state of the body in which homeostasis has faltered due to any cause
  4. iatrongenic
    adjective meaning a disease that is induced by medical treatment
  5. iatro/o
    to heal
  6. gen
    formation / cause / produce
  7. -ion
    pertaining to
  8. -ic
    pertaining to
  9. idiopathic
    adjective meaning a disease of unknown cause
  10. infection
    the invasion and multiplication of parastitic organisms within the body such as bacteria viruses and fungi
  11. inflammation
    a response to a trauma which is marked by the symptoms of redness swelling heat and pain
  12. sequelae
    conditions following and resulting from a disease
  13. trauma
    a wound or an injury
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