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  1. To avoid dumping syndrome, which position should patient be in after eating? What kinds of food do u want them to have and avoid?
    • Lying position
    • Have high protein, fats
    • Avoid High-carbs and increased fluids``
  2. A client with Jaundice should use hot or cool water when showering?
    Cold shower due to intense itching caused by the jaundice, which can be made worse by hot shower and strong soaps.
  3. Cholecystitis will have pain at this site
    RUQ pain radiating to the right shoudler
  4. Why are beans, broccoli, and bagels considered a poor diet choice for a patient with irritable bowel syndrome?
    Patients should restrict gas-producing foods such as these
  5. A patient who has anorexia nervosa and starts enteral and parenteral feeding, why is it so important to check serum K and phosphate?
    The pt's lack of PO intake results in less insulin production, and after receiving food from feeding, the increased insulin causes these electrolytes to shift intracellularly, causing a rapid decline.
  6. What are the 4 main topics do you want to teach the patient about who has acute hep b?
    • Rest: alternate periods of rest and activity 
    • Nutrition: encourage low fat, small, frequent meals and 2.5-3L/day of water
    • Infection control: hep b is transmitted through blood or sex
    • Restriction of alcohol: avoid hepatotoxins like alcohol and APAP as they worsen injury to liver cells
  7. List 4 food types that a patient with a new ileostomy should avoid
    • High fiber: popcorn, brown rice, etc.
    • Stringy veggies: celery, broccoli
    • Seeds or pits: strawberries, olives
    • Edible peels: apple slices, cucumber, dried fruit
  8. What is the role of albumin after a paracentesis that was done for a patient with ascites?
    Increases intravascular oncotic pressure resulting in increased intravascular fluid volume.
  9. When looking at labs with a patient with malnutrition, why is looking at prealbumin levels more reliable than albumin levels?
    Other than labs, what is the BEST indicator that a client is responding to medical nutritional therapy?
    • Serum albumin has a long half-life so lab levels may not reflect the change of nutrition status for over 2 weeks.
    • Prealbumin has a half-life of only 2 days and is more reliable. 
    • Weight gain is the best indicator
  10. How does lack of vitamin B12 in a vegan diet affect a patient?
    May precipitate megaloblastic anemia and neurological symptoms (like tingling sensations)
  11. Why should a patient with a head injury avoid doing the valsalva maneuver?
    This can increase intracranial pressure
  12. A client with a balloon tamponade for esophageal varices causes respiratory distress due to the tube being partially pulled out. What is the priority intervention that will help the patient breath?
    Cut the tube with scissors to deflate the balloon and pull the tube out.
  13. Why is taking a laxative recommended for a patient after a barium enema?
    It assists in expelling the barium, because retained barium can lead to fecal impaction
  14. T or F: Lactulose, a tx for hepatic encephalopathy, is given with fruit juice.

    When would u wanna hold it?
    • True: given with juice or milk to improve flavor
    • *can also be given on an empty stomach for a faster effect

    Hold if: 3 soft stools occur in a day
  15. How should clients consume their food to reduce dumping syndrome?
    • Small, multiple meals
    • Low carb diet
    • Separate food consumption and fluids
  16. T or F: while a patient is repositioning in bed that has a buck's skin traction, a staff member should support or hold the weight while doing so
    True: by supporting the weight during repositioning, this prevents excessive pulling on the extremity.
  17. What intervention can a patient do FIRST to help relieve fatigue and stiffness with their rheumatoid arhtritis in the morning?
    Take a warm shower or bath immediately after getting out of bed to promote muscle relaxation and mobility
  18. Why is it recommended that a patient lie prone several times a day following a lower limb amputation?
    • To prevent hip flexion contractures. 
    • Also teach them to avoid sitting in a chair for >1 hour
  19. What color stool would you suspect with an upper GI bleed?
    black, tarry stool
  20. A client taking MAOI meds should avoid these foods that contain ___.
    Tyramine: aged cheese, yogurt, cured meats, fermented foods, beer, red wine, chocolate, avocados
  21. What is the purpose of a SBFT? (small bowel follow through)
    to ID decreased motility or increased, fistulas, or obstructions
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