GRE psychologist names

  1. Ainsworth
    • Studied attachment styles in children
    • "Strange Situation"
  2. Baumrind
    Studied the relationship between parental style and discipline
  3. Bowlby
    Studied attachment in adolescents
  4. Chomsky
    Suggested that children have an innate capacity for language acquisition
  5. Erikson
    Eight stages of psychosocial development
  6. Sigmund Freud
    • The four stages of psychosexual development in childhood 
    • Oedipal conflict in psychosexual development
  7. Gesell
    Believed development was due mostly to maturation
  8. Gilligan
    Suggested that males and females have different orientations towards morality
  9. Hall
    The founder of developmental psychology
  10. Harlow
    Used monkeys and "surrogate mothers" to study the role of contact comfort in bond formation
  11. Kagan
    Conducted landmark longitudinal study to examine developmental trajectories of children's temperament
  12. Kohlberg
    Studied moral development using moral dilemmas
  13. Locke
    • Suggested that infants are born a blank slate and have no predetermined tendencies 
    • They are able to be "written on by experience"
  14. Lorenz
    Imprinting on birds
  15. Piaget
    Four stages of cognitive development
  16. Rousseau
    Suggested development could unfold without help from society
  17. Terman
    Longitudinal study on gifted children
  18. Tryon
    Studied genetic basis of maze-running skills in rats
  19. Vygotsky
    • Studied cognitive development 
    • Stressed the importance of the proximal zone
  20. Adler
    • Psychodynamic theorist
    • Best known for the theory of inferiority complex
  21. Allport
    • Known for the concept of functional autonomy
    • Distinguished between idiographic and nomothetic approaches to personality
  22. Bandura
    • Studied social learning theory 
    • Bobo doll experiment
  23. Bem
    • Suggested that masculinity and femininity were two separate dimensions
    • Also studied androgyny
  24. Cattell
    Used factor analysis to study personality
  25. Dollard and Miller
    • Known for work on approach-avoidance conflict
    • Studied psychoanalytic concepts within a behaviorist framework
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