Ch. 9 F&B MGT

  1. mise en place means
    to put in place or everything in its place
  2. T or F mise en place requires a good sense of timing
  3. ghee
    a form of clarified butter in which the milk solids remain with the fat and are allowed to brown
  4. clarification
    process which milk and water are removed from butter
  5. Fresh bread crumbs
    made from fresh bread that is slightly dried for 2 to 4 days
  6. dry bread crumbs
    made from bread that has been lightly toasted in a warm oven.
  7. bouquet garni
    a selection of herbs (usually fresh) and vegetables tied into a bundle with twine
  8. sachet
    is made by tying seasonings together in cheese cloth
  9. oignon pique
    peeled onion with root trimmed off with a bay leaf and cloves attached. Used to extract flavors in stock or milk
  10. oignon brule
    "burnt onion" uses to flavor and color stocks, sauces, and soups such as consomme
  11. infuse
    to flavor a liquid by steeping it with ingredients such as tea, coffee, herbs or spices
  12. meal
    • 1. coarsely ground seeds of any edible grain such as corn or oats
    • 2. any dried, ground substance
  13. blanching
    very briefly and partially cooking a food in boiling water or hot far
  14. parboiling
    partially cooking a food in boiling or simmering liquid (cooking time longer than blanching)
  15. parcooking
    partially cooking a food by any cooking method
  16. shocking (AKA refreshing)
    the technique of quickly chilling blanched or parcooked foods in ice watter (prevents further cooking and sets color)
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