1. What are all the watches under the OOD?
    • POOW, MOOW,
    • Sideport, Topside rover,
    • Access Control, Bag Checker,
    • ECP (Entry Control Point)
    • Contact, ECP Cover
  2. How many mooring lines does the MKI have? When would you be concerned with the
    mooring lines?
    • 14.
    • During extreme tidal ranges, high winds, or rough seas.
  3. What hotel services do we normally have at Pier?
    CHT, water, cable TV, phone, internet, power
  4. What is the max number of hours absentee pennant can be up for?
    72 hours
  5. What pennant is the Commanding officer’s absentee pennant, what does it look like and
    where is it displayed?
    3rd Substitute, displayed from the Port main yardarm Outboard

    • White (top)
    • Black
    • White (bottom)
  6. What pennant is the Chief of Staff’s absentee pennant, what does it looks like and where is it displayed?
    2nd Substitute, displayed from the Port main yardarm Inboard

  7. What pennant is the Commodore’s absentee pennant, what does it look like and where is itdisplayed?
    1st Substitute, displayed from the Starboard main yardarm Outboard

    Yellow (middle)/Blue
  8. What pennant is the Civilian Official’s absentee pennant, what does it look like and where is it displayed?
    Yellow (square) Red
  9. Describe the color of the Kilo flag? What’s its purpose?
    Yellow and Blue, It’s hoisted when personnel are working aloft
  10. How are the colors hoisted and lowered?
    Hoisted smartly and lowered ceremoniously timed with music
  11. What pennant indicates SOPA?
    Starboard Pennant (Green White Green)

    The Starboard Pennant is flown Inboard
  12. What is flown Below the Starboard Pennant?
    The Pier number which MKI is moored to and the designation pennant
  13. What events take place at sunset that are of concern to you?
    Evening colors, Lights go on, Pennants lowered
  14. What should you be concerned when lighting is concerned?
    • Turning on/off lights along:
    • the main deck,
    • flight deck is lite
    • and ensuring all lights are working properly
  15. If lights on Flight deck or Port Break are not turned on or off then what can you do?
    Have Topside Rover or Sideport watch turn on or off.
  16. How much time do they have to turn on/off these lights?
    • 15 minutes after evening colors complete
    • 15 minutes prior to sunrise
  17. When does the Color Guard muster?
  18. Who handles the 1MC announcement for “first call” and the execution of morning and
    evening colors? And from where?
    Duty navigation from the pilot house
  19. When is first call to colors?
  20. What happens during First call to Colors?
    The Watch Secures the Brow
  21. What occurs on the quarterdeck during colors?
    All hands on the quarterdeck come to attention and observe colors
  22. What occurs on the quarterdeck after colors?
    • - Flags are uncovered
    • - lights come on
  23. What are the flags on the quarterdeck, starting from aft to fwd of the ship?
    • AFT-FWD
    • 1) POW Flag,
    • 2) Marine Flag,
    • 3) National Ensign,
    • 4) Navy Flag,
    • 5) MKI Flag
  24. During evening Colors who makes the call “First call to Colors” and from what location?
    • Duty QM 
    • Pilot House
  25. If the Duty QM is not available who can make the call?
    • POOW1
    • 1 whistle for Attention to colors/ hand salute
    • 2 whistles for “Ready to”
    • 3 whistles for “Carry on”
  26. How many 12 o' clock reports are there?
  27. What are the 12 o clock reports and which department is responsible?
    • Boat - Deck
    • Fuel & Water - Engineering
    • Draft - Engineering
    • Muster - Executive
    • Mag Temps - Weps
    • Aviation fuels - V4
    • IA - C5
    • Vehicle - Supply
  28. Which two reports must the OOD sign?
    • Magazine Temps
    • Draft report
  29. What time should the reports all be in by and when should the MOOW be sent to report 12
    O’clocks?(LHD8INST 1601.1C)
    no later than 1100
  30. If 12 O’Clock report(s) has not been turned in by 1100 who should you notify?
    Your Section Leader
  31. If 12 O’Clock report(s) has not been turned in by 1100 what can you pass?
    The following departments expedite the submitting 12 O’Clock report(s)Air, Deck, Engineering
  32. Who do the reports go to?
  33. What is the verbiage for making 12 O’clock report?
    “Good morning, Sir or Ma’am. The Officer of the Deck sends his/her respects and reports the approaching hour of 12 o’clock. All Reports are in hand. Request permission to strike eight bells on time, Sir/Ma’am.”
  34. Who do the reports go to if the CO isn't onboard?
    • The XO.
    • If the XO isn't available then the CDO
  35. What if there are 7 of 8 reports accounted for by the OOD?
    • Send the MOOW with the following verbiage.
    • “Good morning, Sir or Ma’am. The Officer of the Deck sends his/her respects and reports theapproaching hour of 12 o’clock. All Reports are in hand with the exception of ______ report.Request permission to strike eight bells on time, Sir/Ma’am.”
  36. How many bells would you ring to announce the time of 1200?
  37. When and how do you announce the first arrival of MKI Commanding Officer?
    • As he is walking up the brow stairs
    • 1. Ring 4 single bells- Ding, Ding (Pause) Ding, Ding
    • 2. Announce “Makin Island, arriving” over the 1MC
    • 3.Then ring 1 stinger bell when he steps on the brow
  38. How are the following arriving/departing personnel announced?
    • PHIBRON: (when embarked):
    • 1. 4 bells,
    • 2. “PHIBRON 5 arriving/departing” 1 Stinger
    • Chief Of Staff: (when embarked):
    • 1. 4 bells, “Staff arriving/departing”
    • 2. 1 Stinger 
    • Executive Officer:
    • 1. 4 bells,
    • 2. “Captain United States Navy arriving/departing”
    • Note: Onboard MKI we do not call “Returning”
  39. Who receive Stingers and when?
    CO and all embarked commanders as soon as they step off (arriving) or on (departing) the brow
  40. What is the purpose of the Stinger?
    Informs the duty signalman know the moment to run up/down the absentee pennant.
  41. After ringing embarked officers onboard, you give them a single bell called a?
  42. Explain the number of bells commensurate with rank for rendering proper honors?
    • Lieutenant Commander and below (in command)- 2 Bells
    • Commander (in command)  and Captain- 4 Bells
    • Rear Admiral - 6 Bells
    • Vice Admiral and above- 8 BellsEx.
    • Senator, Congressman, CNO, SECNAV, SECDEF are all above and would receive 8 bells.
  43. A high-ranking officer you don’t recognize is coming up the brow, what do you do?
    Excuse me Sir/Ma’am, can I announce your arrival?
  44. If the CDR does not have a Command, is his/her arrival announced, why or why not?
    No, junior to CO (O5 and below) and does not have command
  45. A Captain you don’t recognize is coming up the brow, what do you do?
    Excuse me Sir/Ma’am can I announce your arrival?  If you see him far enough out send your messenger to ask how to Hail them aboard?
  46. If the Captain does not have a Command, is his/her arrival announced, why or why not?
    Yes, the rank (O6) is equivalent to that of our Commanding Officer
  47. If a captain does not have command, how his he/she announced?
    “Captain United States Navy Arriving”
  48. Whistles blown via 1MC
    • 1 whis – attention to starboard;
    • 2 whis– attention to port
    • All hands in view on appropriate side and not in ranks face outboard.
    • 1 whis – hand salute
    • 2 whis – ready “to”
    • 3 whis – carry on OOD should be out on quarterdeck in view of vehicle rendering the salute
  49. If the ship is anchored and another commissioned ship or boat passes the bow or stern,
    what is the proper procedure for passing honors?
    Render honors accordingly with whistles blown on the 1 MC.
  50. Do we initiate or return honors to Non-US flagged vessels?
    We do not initiate honors to Non-US Vessels, but return them when rendered to us (Except forcertain communist countries as dictated by NTP 13
  51. Who are the only people that should be making requests for personnel calls over the 1MC?
    Duty department heads and khakis.
  52. What is the difference between a 1MC call for a khaki/DDH and for E6 and below?
    • - Khaki/DDH- Please dial or your presence is requested on…
    • - E-6 & below- ordered to appear orcall
  53. At what times should no words or bells normally be passed over the 1MC unless in an emergency or otherwise deemed absolutely necessary? (9)
    • 1. After Taps and Before Reveille
    • 2. Between “first call to colors” and colors
    • 3. During Captain’s Mast
    • 4. Executive Officers’ Inquiry (XOI)
    • 5. During Divine Services
    • 6. During a rendering honors call
    • 7. Between sounding of bells and stinger
    • 8. When CCS has 1MC control for either drill or a actual casualty
    • 9. Other Ceremonies
  54. What is the general rule for passing announcements over the 1MC?
    See the written word first then permit the passing of it
  55. DC Central calls and tells you they lost firemain. What do you do?
    Pass the following word: “The smoking lamp is out”, “Cease all hot work”
  56. Quarterdeck receives word that someone broke into the forward ship store. How should it be called away?
    • Have the POOW pass:
    • 3 Whistle blasts and the announcement “Security alert security alert away the ship’s self defense force.
    • Break in forward ship store.
    • All hands not involved stand fast.”
  57. Who has the authority to secure from Security Alert? How?
    • The CDO.
    • Reports to each SSDF station and last to the QD, in person and announces over the 1MC “This is the Command Duty Officer, (name) I am not under duress secure from security alert.” Repeat.
  58. What other situations may require a security alert?
    • 1. Swimmer attacks
    • 2. Break in/alarm for any secured space
    • 3. Indication of intruder
    • 4. Another ship on pier goes to security alert with no prior notification of drill
    • fire or flooding that may be from
    • sabotage
  59. A angry dependent is coming aboard the ship demanding to see their spouse. What do you do?
    Call for Section Leader and CDO.
  60. How does the Quarter deck establish communication with the security force?
    On the telephone circuit Dial 5192 to connect with net 92
  61. Where does the CDO report to during a security alert and with whom?
    CIC, with the MAA force
  62. What other actions should the OOD take if ship's self defense force is called away?
    • - Take out PPRs taking charge of the situation and follow accordingly until ATTWO takes charge.
    • - Notify other ships on the pier
    • -  Secure the brow to all personnel with exception of CO, embarked COs, XO, CDO and SSDF personnel
  63. How many watches are there and what are the times?
    • Five.
    • 1. 8-12
    • 2. 12-17
    • 3. 17-22
    • 4. 22-03
    • 5. 03-08
    • or (depending on your Duty Section Four.
  64. Where can you get some useful phone numbers on the quarterdeck?
    In the front of the Unofficial OOD log and a phone book of with a listing of all numbers for theships telephone circuit are both on the desk.
  65. What should you be reviewing, checking, asking, and looking for when preparing to take a watch from the off going Watch? (1-6)
    • - Location of CO/ XO/ Phibron 5/ STAFF.
    • - Status of plants/planned changes to plant status
    • - Condition of lines (too loose or too tight)
    • - Pier services receiving- Expecting any changes to any Pier services (gains or losses)
    • - Visitors/VIPs on board or expected
    • - Force Protection Threat Condition changes
  66. What should you be reviewing, checking, asking, and looking for when preparing to take a
    watch from the off going Watch? (12-18)
    • - Inventory – Pre Planned response PPR’s Binder, Vehicle log Binder
    • - Inspect In port watch team – uniforms and knowledge/qualification of watch, proper
    • - Proper turnover conducted of your POOW and MOOW
    • - Cleanliness of Quarterdeck and Pier (Trash on pier)
    • - Checking surroundings of the ship both onboard and on pier
    • Examples: Any unsafe conditions to personnel or equipment, any oily sheen in the water or CHT
    • leaks, In proper parking of vehicles on pier, improper storage on pier.
    • - When at anchor- a visit to the bridge and foc’sle prior to taking the watch to check on ship’s
    • position and anchor condition, review of any significant weather expected
  67. What watches report to or may be a resource of the OOD (depending on FPCON
    • JOOD; POOW; MOOW; Sideport; Topside Rover;
    • Chief Of the Guard; Pier Sentry; Pier Rover;
    • Other: Aviation fuels rover every hour
    • Sound and Security through DCC
    • OOD can coordinate with ATTWO/CSOOW/EWO
    • At anchor: CIC watch, navigation watch, anchor watch, line handlers, boat riders
  68. What should you be reviewing, checking, asking, and looking for when preparing to take a watch from the off going Watch? (6-12)
    • - Color of the ID stickers
    • - Current Codeword
    • - Duty vehicles – location, key accountability, vehicle condition
    • - Review - POD, Deck Log, OOD Pass down log, CO’s Standing Orders
    • - Also looking if previous watch made any improper entries on the final page as well as the off going
    • - OOD signing the final entry.
  69. As OOD what are all the forms of Communication you have? (8)
    • 1. RadiosNBSD ATTWO Radio (Alpha)Hydra Radio
    • 2. Ship Phone systemsDigital and Analog phonesBAT phones (battery powered phones)
    • 3. Messenger of the Watch
    • 4. 1 MC
    • 5. Bells
    • 6. Whistle (hung on the bell)
    • 7. Flags
    • 8. Alarms
    2F (GYM)
    • 02-T-2-Q
    • 02 level and below, bow to Frame 33
    2M (Post Office)
    • 1-42.5-1-Q
    • 01 level and below, Frames 33-49
    • 1-69-2-Q
    • 01 level and below, Frames 65-83, excluding the Main Engineering Spaces, to include upper “V”, lower “V”,
    • and the Well Deck Area
    • 1-65-5-Q
    • Forward Main and Auxiliary Spaces
    • 1-84-2-Q
    • Aft Main and Auxiliary Spaces
    • 02-51-9-Q
    • 02 level Frames 33-81, 03 level and above, bow to Frame 81
    • 03-115-4-Q
    • 02 level and 03 level and above, Frame 81-Stern
    • 1-122-1-Q
    • 01 level and below, Frame 121-Stern
    • 1-102--2-Q
    • Hanger Bay, 01 level and below, Frames 83-12, Outside Machinery Spaces, with exception of the Well
    • Deck.
    • 1-54-2-Q
    • (Port Elevator) 01 level and below, Frames 49-65 with exception of Upper “V” 3-49-0-A and Lower “V” 4-49-0-A
  80. A angry dependant is coming aboard the ship demanding to see their spouse. What do you
    Call for Section Leader and CDO.
  81. What other situations may require a security alert? (6)
    • 1. Swimmer attacks
    • 2. Break in/alarm for any secured space
    • 3. Indication of intruder
    • 4. Another ship on the pier goes to security alert with no prior notification of drill
    • 6. Fire or flooding that may be from sabotage
  82. ETs bring a man aloft chit to the quarterdeck. What is your responsibility before you sign the chit? (5)
    • 1. Ensure it’s filled out properly and completely
    • 2. Contains all required signatures
    • 3. Ships port, starboard, fwd and aft notified
    • 4. Safety harness is properly worn
    • 5. Verify CSOOW has been notified.
  83. Once aloft, do you keep passing the word and how often?
    • Yes, every 30 minutes. After the first call is made verify the Kilo Flag is flown.
    • Note: At the top of the hour the full verbage for Aloft is passed and at the 30 min mark the short verbiage is passed.
    • Short verbiage is (aloft there are personal working aloft)
  84. if other ship’s on the pier refuse to sign the chit, does that mean we cannot go aloft?
    • No, we are only required to notify the other ships.
    • Their signature is not required to go aloft.
    • If another ship is radiating, notify CSOOW.
  85. Who do you notify when other ships on the pier notify us of working aloft?
    Call CDO and CSOOW and notify other ships alongside
  86. While you’re standing watch, EMC requests your permission to test the STBD elevator.
    What is your responsibility?
    Ensure CDO is aware and permission has been received from the CO.
  87. While you’re standing watch, the EDO calls and requests permission to jack over the staff.  What is your responsibility?
    • 1. Ensure the CDO is aware
    • 2. The CO’s permission has been granted and
    • 3. The waters aft of the ship are clear.
    • 4. Duty Deck can assist.
  88. If a large angry crowd of people appear on the pier, the OOD should respond by?
    Having the messenger block the brow and contact CDO and DMAA
  89. At 0230, Base Police return a MKI crewmember with paperwork and the Sailor broke the
    law then was apprehended on base. What action do you take?
    • Get a hold of
    • 1. DMAA
    • 2. CDO 
    • 3. SL
    • 4. DDH 
    • 5. Medical.
  90. Who are the only personnel that can take custody of a Sailor?
  91. Base Police return with a MKI crewmember with no paperwork and tell you that this is a
    curtsy turnover. What do you do?
    Notify DDH that their Sailor is aboard.
  92. At 0300, you assess a Sailor returning aboard to be extremely intoxicated. What steps will you follow?
    • Call DDH,
    • DDH escorts Sailor to Medical,
    • Medical assess sailors condition,
    • If assessed extreme, Duty department provide drunk watch in medical for the night. Notify Section Leader.
  93. Who raises and lowers the preparative pennant and what does it look like?
    • Duty Signalman
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Yellow
  94. What are the flags flown for Emergency recall?
    • Boat recall QUEBEC Flag
    • Personnel recall PAPA Flag
  95. Explain the proper watch standing weapons condition for the 9MM, shotgun, and M16?
    9mm- Condition 1, All others Weapons Condition 3
  96. Explain each Weapons condition.
    • Condition 1: Weapon loaded, round chambered
    • Condition 2: Not applicable for small arms
    • Condition 3: Weapon loaded no round chambered
    • Condition 4: Weapon not loaded, no rounds chambered
  97. What is Safe and Clear onboard USS Makin Island
    Safety, Magazine, Camber, Safety Clear and Safe
  98. What is the difference between Force Protection and Security Alert?
    Security alert you are ordering to crew to stay in space and get to a near safe area.

    Force Protection you are ordering the crew to move due to threat.
  99. What is the job of the ECP Cover?
    To maintain situational control while ECP Contact makes contact with personnel entering the ECP.
  100. Who stands watch on the lower brow or “working quarterdeck?”
    The “side port” or “Port break” watch
  101. Onboard the ship, who has authority to grant asylum?
    • No one! The CO may grant only temporary refuge for an individual in imminent danger. Contact
    • CDO if asylum is requested
  102. What three alarms are on the Quarterdeck?
    • General Alarm - Red
    • Chemical Alarm - Green
    • Collision Alarm - Yellow
  103. What is your messenger of the Watch looking for when checking Military IDs?
    • 1. Expiration date in top right corner.
    • 2. Photo matching the face of the ID holder
    • 3. MKI sticker on ID.
    • 4. Verify authenticity by flipping to the back to make sure data is there.
  104. When running liberty boats, gongs are sounded for the departures of the liberty boats what is the periodicity?
    • 10 min prior to departure - 3 gongs
    • 5 min prior to departure - 2 gongs
    • 1 min prior to departure - 1 gong
  105. CDO calls and tells you to secure the lower brow? What action do you take?
    Call duty deck, A gang and AIMD (Forklift driver), notify section leader (if other than scheduled closure), then announce word over 1MC if directed.
  106. How would you communicate a Class “A” fire in 02-115-3Q over the 1MC?
    • 5 second rapid ringing of the bells
    • 2 single rings to annotate amid-ships
    • Announce “Class “A” fire reported in 02-115-3Q away the In port Emergency Team away, Provide from repair 2 Main”
  107. How is communication established with DCC?
    Via Ships telephone circuit Dial 5180 to connect with net 80
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