Dianeticists & Scientologists

  1. there is a acceptance what
    acceptance level
  2. don't think
  3. condensed looking is what
    is feeling
  4. define empirical
    to learn by experiment, experience or observation, no theory
  5. what is space
    a viewpoint of dimension of a powerful energy field
  6. why is it good to create your own space
    because then its your space and you need space to be
  7. what is energy
    its a flow of particles, which can condense into matter
  8. what causes problems to come into existence
    a mind
  9. when a person can't look he
    has to think
  10. what things are desirable
    work, pain, impacts, counter efforts, actions
  11. how do you find out about knowing
    not by thinking but by looking
  12. whatever you resist you
    you become
  13. it you push on a wall what happens
    the pushes back with equal force
  14. why is action the most important thing to do each day
    it tone 20.0 motion where counter thought emotion and effort have no effect on you from the outer world and inner world
  15. what is the best motion to get into
    the motion that one is controlling, not the motion that someone else is controlling
  16. one goal is to what
    to create and direct more effort, in ARC communication and work
  17. when you eat your dependent on what
    dependent on external energy
  18. whats the best way to predict the future
    its to make it
  19. why does a thetan think
    because a thetan is interested in something, not because something is compelling it to think
  20. the I of a person is what
    its the person as a thetan
  21. what is a mock up
    its a energy picture
  22. if a mock up that you put out there fades away what happened to it
    because its a energy picture and the reactive mind is energy hungry it gets absorbed
  23. when we keep on mocking up things like explosions ect what happens
    the reactive mind becomes no longer energy hungry and mock ups stay up
  24. try mocking up what exploding and see what happens
    a guitar exploding
  25. what is the answer to anything
    the answer if the same thing, the answer to me is me
  26. so the whole problem connected with something is
    the same thing, the answer to my problems is me
  27. what can a thetan create
    his own matter energy space and time
  28. what does admiration dissolve
    it dissolves force
  29. that which is not admired tends to
    tends to persist
  30. that which is admired does what
    stops or dissolves
  31. reading is the suppression of what
    of white, or of explosions
  32. ones beingness is dependent on what
    communication or ARC triangle
  33. every word uttered is a what
    its a energy picture, or a mock up
  34. whats the only reward of exerting effort
    the pleasure of exerting effort
  35. if people didn't get pleasure from exerting effort what would happen
    they would never get paid for it, the only pay one gets is the pleasure of exerting effort
  36. try being where
    in different places
  37. ridicule is the business of what
    of holding somebody's anchor points out away from him and not letting him have them back. See, you take somebody's anchor point and then won't give it back
  38. whats a good exercise to do with corners  of a room
    by holding the two back corners of the room, which changes thinking patterns
  39. how do you waste or accept things in brackets
    you throw peanuts in mud, someone throws peanuts in mud, someone throws peanuts in mud for someone else
  40. you have to waste or accept what you can't have before what
    before you can have it
  41. what wrong with a person
    its that he gets too introverted
  42. what is introversion
    its where his attention is placed on his body, or in his body, or into self
  43. what is extroversion
    his attention is placed outside of his body, or out of self, environment
  44. everyone is a gradient scale of what two things
    a gradient scale of introversion and extroversion
  45. what percentage of attention is placed on self and outside of self
    80% on self and 20% 3 feet outside of self
  46. what is the best percentage of introversion and extroversion
    2% introversion and 98% exrtoversion
  47. what kind of extroversion are you after
    stable extroversion
  48. how much space is in the eight dynamic
    all the space of the MEST or physical universe
  49. what is work and play
    the ability to handle effort
  50. how important is space
    very important, ones sanity is dependent on it, the futher space one has the more energy beingness motion cause control one has
  51. what does school take away from students
    it takes away there space
  52. the more space the less what
    the less thinking
  53. the less space the more what
    the more thinking
  54. whats a good exercise for space and attention
    first place your attention on yourself, next place you attention on the wall, and move around on anchor points, ect
  55. what could cause on to not have emotion
    one has too much space,
  56. what is feeling or emotion
    its condensed lookingness
  57. what is betrayal
    anchor points extended and then driven in
  58. what is ridicule
    its extending anchor points
  59. why not try what
    10 minutes of nothingness and not thoughts
  60. TV doesn't require what
    doesn't require a person to put out anchor points
  61. when one is able to put out a anchor point enables one to what
    enables one to be at that anchor points
  62. what is better then the word love
    liking and admiration
  63. A thing which is loved has to be
    trapped and caged
  64. a thing which is admired is a thing which you would like
    like to see free
  65. what is a top scale emotion
    its like and admire,
  66. what is a bottom scale emotion
    love which is close to hate
  67. its good to have a willingness to what
    a willingness to be in all 8 dynamics
  68. what are the 2 parasitic groups
    capitalism and communism
  69. what is capitalism
    capitalism is a money aristocracy which depends upon the worker, I control all the buying power of the entire community, therefore you are all slaves
  70. what is communism
    Communism is a military aristocracy which depends upon the worker, We are now going to sit down and you're going to feed us, on account of we can shoot, and it's in the law that we can shoot and you can't
  71. what is aristocracy
    a class of persons holding exceptional rank and privileges, especially the hereditary nobility
  72. what are the basic drives of existence
    the eight dynamics
  73. any action or motion is better than
    no action or motion
  74. the wrong thing to do is
  75. whats the difference between a old man and a young man
    a old man knows he can be hurt, a young man doesn't care
  76. what is charm
    the ability to reach out, the ability to be, the ability to admire
  77. where in time is cause
    cause is in the future of the action
  78. what is in the past
    the reason for
  79. the ability to handle or use force is what
    its responsibility or self determinism
  80. one that is capable of generating force is
    capable of being real big cause
  81. what is good to do
    mocking-up vast numbers of women and men and parents below him, looking up at him, admiring, and admiring himself with impartial self observation
  82. what is believing
    its that your convinced
  83. the root of evil is what
    its the unwillingness to exert effort, or to put out and receive anchor points
  84. whats a mistake regarding money
    to save a lot in order to do little or nothing
  85. every time you eat meat what happened and what are you eating
    an animal had to die. And you're eating the meat at some very late, late, later date than it was killed and you're eating carrion. The meat is really no good unless it's still alive to eat
  86. look fixedly at a mirror for how long and what
    for 3 minutes to have a fixed mock up of your self 2' in front of you
  87. try 100 milligrams of what
    of B1
  88. if you want to solve problems in the MEST or physical universe what do you need to do
    you have to put out effort
  89. what is the operating temperature of the body
    98.6 degrees
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