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  1. computed axial tomography scan
    "a diagnostic scan similar to xray in which data from beams of energized particles (xrays) are computer interpreted to produce a three-dimensional corss-sectional ""slice"" or image of the body; abbreviated CAT scan and CT scan"
  2. tom/o
    to cut
  3. -graphy
    process of recording
  4. diagnosis
    the determination of the nature of a disease
  5. endoscopy
    a diagnostic procedure that involces as visual examination within an endoscope which includeds a camera fiber optics and a long flexible tube that can be inserted into the patient
  6. endo-
  7. -scropy
    process of viewing
  8. etiology
    study of the causes of disease
  9. eti/o
    cause (of disease)
  10. -logy
    study of
  11. examination
    an evaluation made for the purpose of diagnostic by identifying physical evidnce of disease such as signs and symptoms
  12. magnetic resonance imaging
    a diagnostic scan that uses a pwerful magnetic field generated within a chamer in which a patient lies; the field traces the element hydrogen in the patient's body the results of which are the clearest most complete computer-generated three-dimensional images of soft tissues that are currently possible; abbreviated MRI
  13. pathologist
    one who studies disease
  14. path/o
  15. -logist
    one who studies disease
  16. pathology
    the study of disease
  17. -logy
    study of
  18. positron emission tomography scan
    a diagnostic scan that employs computers and radioactive substances to examine the metabolic activity of varios parts of the body and to create color-coded images; abbreviated PET scan
  19. prognosis
    a forecost of the probably cause or outcome of a disease
  20. ultrasound
    a diagnostic procedure in which harmless soundwaves are pulsated through body tissues; internal body structures by computer; also called sonography
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Treatments, procedues, and devices p 48.csv
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