the route to infinity

  1. what can you be
    you could be anything, infinity of beingness
  2. what is ultimate beingness
    the capability of being all dynamics
  3. as you come down the tone scale you have more and more what
    you have more and more time
  4. as you go up the tone scale what happens
    you become more and more capable of action per given moment
  5. if you need someones approval what are you looking for that person to give you
    a license to survive
  6. what could you call a year
    a trip around the sun
  7. what are the only 3 possible actions of the MEST universe
    start, change, stop
  8. the lower the tone scale the more concerned with what
    concerned with the body
  9. when your in motion what can't hit you anymore
    the emgrams of the past and the counter effort can't touch you
  10. a good practice of being is what
    being you right hand, the first dynamic,ect
  11. if you shoot a person with a emotion what will they experience
    they will experience the same emotion you projecting
  12. to be is to
    to know
  13. the psychotic lives in the
  14. the neurotic lives in the
  15. the sane lives in the
  16. the business of action is what
    its to put new elements into the present, so we can have a future
  17. you create an illusion so solid that what
    that it comes into being
  18. what are the steps to be do or have something
    you first get the idea of what you want, then you envision the end result of what you want along with the feeling, you see yourself doing the things that will make it a reality, than you do it and you have your end result
  19. thought becomes what
    it becomes matter
  20. what is beingness
    it ARC
  21. affinity has two sides to it what are they
    it to attract or to repel
  22. what is the highest level of affinity
    being what one has affinity with
  23. whats the most intimate communication you could have
    tactile sense of touching
  24. enthusiasm is what to people high on the tome scale or low on the tone scale
    high it contagious, low doesn't effect them it too high like aesthetics
  25. what true about people and aesthetics
    if there too low in tone they can't do aesthetics or appreciate aesthetics
  26. what can you do with aesthetics, where you  produce a piece of beauty
    you can stop people in their tracks, You can blow away and erase their anger, hate, discomfort or anything else, you practically own them
  27. can you be taught aesthetics
    no it can't be taught, teaching is a very low tone compared to aesthetics
  28. what is the highest and lowest level of communication
    highest is aesthetics lowest is the whip
  29. what is reality established by
    by the majorities agreement or opinion
  30. when someone says face reality what are they really saying
    there saying agree with the majority or everybody
  31. when you agree with something what do you become
    you become to some degree what you agree with
  32. there will be as much communication as there is
  33. there will be as much agreement as there is
  34. there will be as much affinity as there is
  35. you can be what two things about a person or a thing
    you could be the tone they are or you can be that person or thing
  36. how does one truly sell someone
    by getting to know that person and being him with your tone level now you effect his tone level
  37. when your at a high emotional tone what can't effect you
    lower emotional tones like hate anger fear ect
  38. what can you use the gradient scale on emotional tone
    on parts of your body like feel sad for you toe and work up to enthusiasm now you toe is alive
  39. decision and choice are the keynote for what
    for self determinism
  40. what does choice to determine lead to
    that you have the power of decision
  41. what holds up beingness
    indecision or hung up on a maybe
  42. what decision does life or theta make
    thats to be or not to be
  43. how do you resolve a decision
    by making a postulate so it sticks and action follows with end result in mind
  44. what is to be or not to be
    its action or no action, existence or nonexistence
  45. what do religions believe in
    black and white good and bad
  46. how does one regain his command center
    by decision, to be or not to be, yes or no
  47. what do you do with a counter thought emotion and effort against you
    you use them as a motivator to further your endeavor
  48. if you don't use a counter thought emotion or effort what happens
    that counter thought emotion or effort attacks you
  49. when you make a decision you become what and create what
    you become cause and create an effect
  50. whatever you agree with you what
    you become whatever you agree with
  51. what happens to a person that gets hung up on a maybe
    he goes down tone
  52. all arguments are based on what
    the inability to agree
  53. how can one become afraid
    by being afraid and running away, or run away and become afraid, emotion verses physiology
  54. by making a decision what happen to ones tone
    it goes straight up to a high tone
  55. what do you do with counter effort thought and emotion
    you use it to make a committed decision with a postulate and put it into action to be at cause to create the effect you want
  56. what is cause and effect
    to be is cause, not to be is effect
  57. a high tone level cause group becomes what
    a terrifically powerful group
  58. most people are what percent effect
    98% any lower their dead
  59. cause starts on what dynamic and who needs to be convinced
    that would be you at the first dynamic and you convince yourself that your at cause and you made an effect
  60. build a army of what
    high tone level cause people
  61. what is ones first cause target
    to become cause to yourself, then you become cause
  62. what two bodies do you have and which one is at cause
    the theta body which is cause and the physical body which is effect
  63. what is your true body
    the theta body which is at high tone level cause
  64. what do you never want to identify with
    the MEST body which is effect
  65. what do you always want to identify with
    the theta body which is high tone level cause, its your divine beingness
  66. why is everyone dumbed down
    because everyone is dangerously powerful at cause
  67. what are two good questions to ask yourself about you
    where am i, and who am i
  68. what is it good to do in regard to your beingness
    to emanate from your point of beingness, which is your true theta self, not the body
  69. what is the first point of MEST you as a thetan contact
    its the body
  70. as a thetan take 100% command and control of
    your body by means of decision
  71. just practice what
  72. be willing to use you body to its
    complete endurance
  73. you decide beforehand and then what
    be willing to use your body in any direction to accomplish a purpose
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