Week 3 Vocab

  1. scoffed
    (v) to mock in anger
  2. bemused
    (v) to be confused
  3. inculcation
    (n) frequent repitition or persistent urging of an idea
  4. enthralled
    (v) to be captivated or fasinated
  5. abrogation
    (n) cancellation or an abolishment
  6. malevolence
    (n) the act of hatred or wishing will ill to others
  7. wily
    (adj) crafty or sly
  8. propitiation
    (n) act of becoming favorable to ward something or someone
  9. laxity
    (n) slacking off, loose
  10. lascivious
    (adj) lustful or lewd
  11. discomfits
    (v) to embarrass or to frustrate
  12. licentious
    (adj) morally unrestrained or disregarding accepted rules or standards
  13. pallor
    (n) a lack of color or paleness
  14. ameliorate
    (v) to improve or to make better
  15. indignation
    (n) anger in responce to being treated unfairly
  16. avidly
    (adv) eagerly
  17. daft
    (adj) crazy, insane, foolish
  18. calamity
    (n) disaster, trouble or misery
  19. menacingly
    (adv) in a threating way
  20. lechery
    (n) excessive indulgence in sexual activities
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Week 3 Vocab
Week 3 Vocab