Formulas: Statistics - Regression

  1. How many formulas should I remember?
    • 7.
    • linear regression line
    • Slope formula
    • y@x=0
    • Standard deviation for population/sample
    • R coefficiant
    • SSE formula.
  2. How should the table look like that I will use to calculate the numbers then used in the formulas?
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    • We have (y-y:hat)^2 as an extra column to be calculated when we have done our formula for yhat = ax +b solved. this is we we can calculate Standard error of estimate using this extra column.
  3. What does the regression line formula look like?
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  4. What does the slope formula look like in the linear regression line?
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  5. What does the formula for y value for x=0 look like?
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  6. What does the formula look like that gives value representing the strength of the relationship of the two variables?
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    • use values from tables

    • n = the nr of dataPAIRS (not induvidual points)
  7. How do we Calculate the Standard error of the Y-Estimate?
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    • We have (y-yhat)^2 and calculate this for each data-point of Y using out table with this as an extra column. We then use the sum of this column and dived by our N and take the square of this to get our regression SSE.
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Formulas: Statistics - Regression
Formulas: Statistics - Regression