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  1. Which of the folowing are valid severity levels for host updates in vCenter Update Manager?
    • -Security
    • -Critical
    • -General
  2. To restart the VMware Host Agent on an ESX Host, which command would you use?
    service mgmt-vmware restart
  3. While verifying host connectivity to datastores using Topology Maps, you see that one of the hosts in a DRS/HA Cluster has a red X. What does this indicate?
    The host is not compatible for VMotion migration.
  4. Which version of NFS does ESX Server require?
    Version 3 over TCP.
  5. If you cannot connect to a standalone ESX Host with th vSphere Client, which command would you use to verify that the VMware Host Agent is running?
    • ps -ef | grep hostd
    • service mgmt-vmware status.
  6. Wich of the following are valid conditions for installing the paravirtualized SCSI (PVSCSI) adapter in a guest?
    • -The adapter should be used with the data virtual disk
    • -The Guest Operations System must be Windows 2003, 2008 or RHEL5
  7. Users are complaining that a windows application server virtual machine configured with 1GB of RAM is not performing satisfactorily. An administrator opens the performance tab for the guest virtual machine and adds the counter for Memory Ballooned in MB. The performance chart displays a value of 240. Which of the following actions should be taken?
    Migrate the Virtual Machine to another host.
  8. Which of the following is true regarding a mixed DRS Cluster with Intel and AMD based ESX hosts?
    • Storage vMotion will function with any Host in the cluster
    • -VMware HA will failover virtual machines to any Host in the cluster
  9. Which of the following are valid permissions for a Resource Pool Administrator?
    • -Modify Permissions
    • -Move a Resource Pool
  10. Which of the following resources can be viewed using the vCenter Maps?
    • -Datastore resources
    • -Host resources
  11. SMP is supported on FT protected Machines? (True/False)
  12. Which of the following Resource Management techniques could be used to relieve a network bottleneck caused by a VM with occassional high outbound network activity?
    Apply Traffic shaping to the port group containing the Virtual Machine.
  13. Which of the following Power Management settings can be configured from the Options tab of a Virtual Machine?
    • -Suspend the Virtual Machine
    • -Put the Guest OS in Standby
  14. Which function does VMware Enhanced VMotion Compatibility provide?
    The ability to VMotion virtual machines between CPU's with a common supported base.
  15. The Runtime Name for a Fibre Channel Storage device is equivalent to?
    The name of the first discovered path to the device in vmhba: C:T:L format.
  16. What is the maximum number of paths allowed in ESX 4.0 for an iSCSI LUN?
  17. Creating which of the following optional partitions would change the default partition size for /?
  18. Durring Guided Consolidation, how is disk space for the virtual machine calculated?
    The virtual machine disk is sized to 125% of the data contained on the source disk.
  19. vCenter Converter supports the following types of cloning?
    • -Local
    • -Remote
  20. What is the maximum supported limit of RAM that a vSphere Host can have, regardless of license editions?
  21. Which of the following types of datastores can be unmounted?
    • -VMFS Datastore copies mounted without resignaturing
    • -Any NFS Datastore
  22. When configuring the vSwitch NIC teaming policy, What happens when the Notify Switches option is set to yes?
    The physical switch is notified when the location of a virtual NIC changes.
  23. Which of the following components must be modified in order to enable Jumbo Frames support for the Software iSCSI initiator?
    • -The VMkernel
    • -The Virtual Switch
  24. Which of the following is true about use of the delegate user functionality that enables access to NFS devices using non-root credentials?
    The functionality is not supported with ESX or ESXi 4.x
  25. Which of the following vSphere features cannot be used with virtual machines that are enabled for VMware Fault Tolorance?
    • -VMware SMP
    • -VMware DRS
  26. An administrator has a mixture of Intel-based ESX Hosts in a DRS Cluster where the CPUs are compatible in eveery way except that some support the NX/DX feature and some do not. What can you do to minimize the effect of these differences?
    • -Mask the NX/DX bit on every virtual machine in the Cluster
    • -Enable advanced VMotion compatibility
  27. The default ESX service console firewall?
    • -Blocks all traffice unless specifically allowed
    • -Is configured for High Security
  28. What is the maximum number of backup or restore jobs that VMware Data Recovery can run concurrently?
  29. An administrator has a 6 node DRS cluster. Using vCenter Update Manager, what is the maximum number of host upgrade operations that can be performed at any given time in this Cluster?
  30. vCenter Server allows you to centrally manage hosts and use which of the following services that would otherwise be unavailable?
    • -High Availability(HA)
    • -Distributed Resource Scheduler(DRS)
    • -Data Recovery
  31. An ESX Host gains exclusive access to Virtual Machines created on NFS datastores using?
    A special .lck-XXX lock file
  32. An administrator is editing the IP Allocation Policy for a vApp. Which of the following three options are available?
    • -DHCP
    • -Fixed
    • -Transient
  33. Which of the following are valid default upgrade baselines included with vCenter Upgrade Manager?
    • -VMware Tools Upgrade to Match Host
    • -VA Upgrade to latest
  34. What is the maximum number of ESX/ESXi Hosts that can be managed with vCenter Foundation?
  35. What is the maximum number of charactors that can be used when naming a vApp?
  36. In vSphere 4, when multiple Multipathing Plugins (MPPs) exist, the Pluggable Storage Architecture (PSA) performs which of the following three tasks?
    • -I/O Queing to the logical devices
    • -Physical path discovery and removal
    • -I/O Queing to the physical storage HBAs
  37. Which of the following Power Management settings can be configured from the options tab of a virtual machine?
    • -Suspend the virtual machine
    • -Put the Guest OS in Standby
  38. Which type of virtual NIC must be used for a 32 bit Windows 2003 Server in a MSCS Cluster?
  39. The remote console performance for a virtual machine on an ESXi Host appears to be degraded. Which of the following could be a possible cause of the problem?
    • -The physical NIC assigned to the virtual machine port group containing the affected virtual machine has a speed or duplex mismatch
    • -The physical NIC assigned to the VMkernel port group has a speed or duplex mismatch
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