IOS final 4

  1. when is viewDidLoad() called
    called after the controller's view is loaded into memory. 

    it programmatically layouts the user interface 

    in code, it places the frame for each view in a view hierarchy

    only called once which is when the app loads
  2. what is the identify inspector
    useful for connecting a UI object to a custom
  3. what is accessory view
    can be a framework-provided control or label or a custom view.
  4. what is computed property
    they provide a getter and an optional setter to retrieve and set other properties and values indirectly.
  5. what is content view
    The content view of a UITableViewCell object is the default superview for content displayed by the cell. If you want to customize cells by simply adding additional views, you should add them to the content view so they will be positioned appropriately as the cell transitions into and out of editing mode.
  6. what is design pattern
    are reusable solutions to common problems in software design. They're templates designed to help you write code that's easy to understand and reuse. They also help you create loosely coupled code so that you can change or replace components in your code without too much hassle.
  7. what is
    Layout or Scene
    A scene represents a view controller in the storyboard

    • represents the screen
    • your app has at this time.
  8. Optional Chaining
    Optional chaining is a process for querying and calling properties, methods, and subscripts on an optional that might currently be nil
  9. Property Observer
    observe and respond to changes in a property's value
  10. UITableDataSource
    supplies minimal information about the tableview's appearance.
  11. UITableView
    subclass of UIScrollView , which allows users to scroll through the table, although UITableView allows vertical scrolling only.
  12. UITableViewDelegate
    must research
  13. Unwind Segue
    By using unwind segue we can navigate backward from one screen to another screen
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