IOS Final 2

  1. An interactive Swift coding environment that evaluates each statement and displays results as updates are made, without the need to create a project.
  2. This ____ is an immutable variable, meaning that it cannot be changed and this other thing ____ is a mutable variable, meaning that it can be changed.
    Let vs. Var
  3. Is when the compiler can infer the type based on their values:
    Type Interface
  4. An _________ is an ordered collection that stores multiple values of the same type.
  5. Is a type of a loop function in Swift, The _________ loop performs a set of statements for each item in a range or collection. "For i in 0..
    For in
  6. Is an un-ordered collection of key-value pairs.
  7. A method for initializing variables: init(){side=0.0}.
  8. A _________ is a blueprint or template for an instance of that entity. The term object is often used to refer to an instance of this. In Swift, however these can also be called structures.
  9. A class can inherit methods, properties, and other characteristics from another class The inheriting class is known as a subclass, and the class it inherits from is known as its __________.
  10. A __________ usually manages a single screen of an app and is mediating between models and views.
    View Controller
  11. A __________ defines the relationships of views in a window to each other. You can think of it as an inverted tree structure with the window being the top node of the tree. Under it come views structurally specified by parent-child relationships. From a visual perspective, the essential fact is enclosure: one view contains one or more other views, and the window contains them all.
    View Heirarchy
  12. Doing something __________ generally means that you can do it using source code, rather than via direct user interaction.
  13. The _________ class defines a rectangular area on the screen and the interfaces for managing the content in that area.
  14. In a swift layout,if a view does not have any siblings in the specified direction, then the ___________ is its
    Nearest Neighbor
  15. An editable text area in your interface.
  16. The __________ detects a specific touch sequence and calls an action when it is detected.
  17. where one class (a principal class) would delegate control or responsibility to another class.
  18. A function which is passed as a parameter in another function (parent) to be invoked from the parent function. That is to say the parent method executes that function after it completes or some other event happens.
  19. A _________ provides a blueprint for Methods, properties and other requirements functionality. It is just described as a methods or properties skeleton instead of implementation. Methods and properties implementation can further be done by defining classes, functions and enumerations.
  20. An inspector that you use to customize visual attributes of a UI element in a storyboard.
    Attributes Inspector
  21. UITabBarController keeps an array of view controllers. It maintains a _________ at the bottom of the screen with a tab for each view controller in its array.
    Tab Bar
  22. A _________ is a transition between two view controllers in your app.
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