citric acid cycle

  1. where does the citric acid cycle occur
    in the mitochondria
  2. distinguish the difference between mitochondrial membrane, intermembrane space, inner mitochondrial membrane
    • outer mitochondria membrane: not a very good selective barrier
    • intermembrane space: where mitochondria enzymes are located
    • inner mitochondrial membrane: more selective barrier, allows for specific control of the flow of biomolecules into and out of mitochondria. where ETC occurs
  3. what are the products of pyruvate
    • alanine
    • oxaloacetate
    • acetylCoA
    • Lactate
  4. what is the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex equation
    Pyruvate + CoA + NAD--> CO2 + Acetyl CoA + NADH + H+
  5. what are the molecules involved in inhibiting citric acid cycle
    • Succinyl CoA
    • ATP
    • NADH
    • GTP
  6. what stimulates citric acid cycle
  7. what molecules goes in citric acid cycle
    • pyruvate
    • CoASH
    • NAD
  8. what molecules comes out of citric acid cycle
    • Acetyl CoA
    • NADH
    • CO2
  9. how much total energy is produced in the citric acid cycle
    • 30 ATP
    • 2 acetyl CoA molecules/ 1 glucose. = 15 ATP x2
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