Lc biology cell diversity

  1. Tissues
    A group of similar cells that are adapted to carry out the same function
  2. Dermal tissue + function
    A single layer of cells that surrounds the different parts of a plant.

    Epidermis- protect the plant
  3. vascular tissue
    Transports materials around the plant
  4. Two types of epidermal tissue in plants

    • Xylem- transports water and minerals
    • phloem- transports food
  5. Types of animal tissues
    Muscle tissues- can contract and is found in muscles and many internal organs e.g the stomach

    Nervous tissues- composed of nerve cells e.g. neurons
  6. Tissue culture
    The growth of tissue in or on an artificial medium outside an organism
  7. Which type of reproduction used?
  8. glassware
    in vitro
  9. Bio reacrer
    agar plate
  10. Micro-propagation
    The growth of large numbers of plants from very small plant pieces often from plant tissues or cells
  11. Why use it?
    • Inexpensive
    • disaese resistant and virus free
    • produces exact copies
  12. Organ system + examples
    A group of organs working together to carry  out one or more functions

    • Digestive
    • circulatory
  13. What is connective tissue
    Joins and supports other body structures
  14. What does connective tissue consist of
    A number of cells spread out into a matrix
  15. Define sterlie
    No micro-organisms present
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