Physics equations AS level

  1. Equation for speed/velocity
    Speed= Distance/Time
  2. Equation for mass
    Mass=Density x Volume
  3. Equation for power
    Power=Work done/Time
  4. What is the wave equation
    V= Frequency x Wavelength
  5. Equation for refractive index
    Refractive index= Speed of light in vacuum/ Speed of light in material (C/V)
  6. Equation to find critical angle
    sinC=1/n (refractive index)
  7. What is the equation for finding the path difference in Young's double slit experiment
    • Path difference= separation of double slits x fringe separation / distance from slits to the screen
    • Path difference= ay/d
  8. What equation is used to find the wavelength at the first point above the axis of symmetry in Young's double slit experiment
    since it is the first oder n=1

    • ay/d=n x Wavelength 
    • so Wavelength= ay/d
  9. what is the equation for energy in a photon
    • E=hf
    • E= Planck's constant x frequency of radiation
  10. If the energy of the photon is greater than the work function, what is the equation used to find the KE from the electrons
    hf-work function=1/2 x m(v squared)
  11. What equation is used to find the threshold frequency
    work function=h x threshold frequency
  12. What equation can be used to find the frequency of a photon emitted or the energy difference between two levels
    hf= change in E
  13. What equation can be used to find the minimum wavelength of an x-ray photon
    E of X-ray photon= hc/ min wAvelength =eV
  14. What is the equation for a wavelength associated with a particle having a momentum
    • Wavelength= h/p
    • where wavelength is de Broglie wavelength
    • h is Planck's constant
    • p is the momentum of the particle
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