Facts, Benefits, Application

  1. How do we know what Facts to list for the client?
    We listened to the client and learned from the questioning process what applies to them.
  2. What are FACTS?
    Facts are specific, true, provable statements. Some facts will be accepted without hesitation and some may require proof.
  3. What are BENEFITS?
    Benefits are brief, clear description of how the customer could use and enjoy the solution.
  4. When are Benefits listed?
    Benefits should be directly related to the fact that was just listed.
  5. What is APPLICATION?
    Applications clarity how the specific customer will apply and benefit from the solution.
  6. What does Application tie to?
    This resonates strongly with the client because it become more personal for them.
Card Set
Facts, Benefits, Application
To demonstrate the value of what we are offering we state Facts of our solution