gov ch 12

  1. two ways you can become an American citizen
    • birth
    • naturalization
  2. "law of the soil"
    jus soli
  3. "law of the blood"
    jus sanguinis
  4. where do most immigrants come from today
    Asian and Latin American countries
  5. the process whereby a person changes citizenship from one country to another
  6. allegiance to a country, or full membership and participation in it political and social institutions
  7. legal process by which a person renounces his citizenship
  8. right of admission to a country
  9. travel document for identification and safe passage
  10. what organization investigates applicants for naturalization
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
  11. what is it called when a voter must register to vote with the party and may vote only for the candidates in that party
    closed primary
  12. when voters need not register with the party, but he still must vote with only one party
    open primary
  13. ballot in which the names of the candidates are grouped according to the office
    office-group ballot
  14. ballot on which the names are grouped according to party
    party-group ballot
  15. the three main groups of people involved with the political party
    • party government
    • party organization
    • party voters
  16. one who represents a special interest group before a political body
  17. local voting district
  18. kind of ballot used for a voter who will not be present or is unable to vote on election day
    absentee ballot
  19. interest groups that want to contribute large sums of money to politicians
    political action committee (PAC)
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