Work (Unit 3)

  1. 65) What Air Force form must technicians complete when ordering aircraft parts?
  2. 66) Inventory of supply point assets are conducted
  3. 67) Which supply report provides information on all document numbers that the SBSS processed during the day?
    Daily Document Register (D04)
  4. 68) Which supply report is produced daily and lists all parts that are back ordered under urgency of need designator (UND) code A?
    Priority Monitor Report (D18)
  5. 69) Which supply report is a monthly listing of items that are back ordered?
    Due-Out Validation List (M30)
  6. 70) Which supply report provides information to manage repair cycle assets or DIFM?
    Repair Cycle Asset Management List (D23)
  7. 71) Who is accountable to provide supply support to maintenance activities?
    Logistics Readiness Squadron commander
  8. 72) In which flight is the MSL located?
    Maintenance Operations
  9. 73) Who is required to coordinate with maintenance work centers to identify components for which there is no base-level repair or diagnostic capability?
  10. 74) The objective of the RCSS is to make sure DIFM parts are
    repaired at base level or sent to a repair facility as fast as possible
  11. 75) When using a condition tag, what color is the DD Form 1574?
  12. 76) When using a condition tag, what color is the DD Form 1577-2?
  13. 77) When using a condition tag, what color is the DD Form 1577?
  14. 78) The objective of the Air Force Repair Enhancement Program is to
    Reduce the total AF material costs
  15. 79) The primary use of the LCOM is to determine
    peacetime and wartime aircraft MX manpower requirements for each of the AF's weapon systems.
  16. 80) In manpower studies using LCOM, the objective for each Air Force Specialty is to
    determine the lowest manpower level possible to achieve the desired sortie rate.
  17. 81) The ultimate goal of the PfM process is to
    examine and account for information technology investments within the AF.
  18. 82) Which command or organization is responsible for transforming air and space technology investments into warfighting capabilities?
  19. 83) Which center is the Air Force's largest ALC?
    Oklahoma City ALC
  20. 84) Which center provides for long-term storage, supplies critical parts for operational B-52H aircraft, and allows the U.S. to achieve the goal of weapon system interoperability in a combined forces environment?
    The AMARC
  21. 85) What is the primary source document that reflects how many positions you're authorized in your flight or section?
    Unit manning document
  22. 86) How many fiscal quarters does a regular UMD reflect?
  23. 87) To meet management objectives, what is designed to identify personnel (not applicable to ANG/AFRC) with special experience and rapidly identify maintenance resources?
    Special experience identifier
  24. 88) Mismatched data on the UPMR refers to
    mismatched skill level
  25. 89) Who may add additional mandatory critical tasks or inspections considered necessary?
  26. 90) What type of training provides the unit internal flexibility by training individuals to perform tasks not in their primary AFSC?
  27. 91) A unit's capability to support a DOC tasking is reported through the
  28. 92) Each UTC in the AEF library is reported through the
  29. 93) Every UTC is listed in the MEFPAK and
  30. 94) For deliberate taskings, which document will state how soon a unit must be prepared to deploy and employ?
    DOC statement
  31. 95) What listing identifies all the equipment for which a unit possesses?
  32. 96) The key areas for determining the best available aircraft for generation line up is by examining mission capability status, available hours/time to next scheduled phase/ISO inspection and
    scheduled maintenance actions.
  33. 97) In the case of a ground emergency on explosive loaded aircraft, who must coordinate NEW allowances with the fire dept. and other emergency agencies to assist with responsiveness and required actions.
  34. 98) What form is used as a management tool used to document the entire fleet generation plan and track overall fleet generation as events/actions occur.
    AF Form 2408
  35. 99) Who must the MX manager establish clear communications with to help understand projected requirements for fleet reconstitution to avoid mission limiting factors such as future aircraft configurations, take-off and land times and fuel loads?
  36. 100) What is the key to an effective and expedient reconstitution for a combat unit?
    Build an effective plan ahead of time.
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