Art History Final

  1. Image Upload 1
    Pantheon, Rome, Italy, 118  CE.
  2. Image Upload 2
    Pantheon, Rome, Italy, 118  CE.
  3. Image Upload 3
    7-62 Bust of Caracalla, ca. 211
  4. Image Upload 4
    Distribution of largess, detail of the north frieze of the Arch of Constantine, Rome, Italy, 312 CE
  5. Romaneque=
    rounded arches
  6. Image Upload 5 Image Upload 6
    Restored cutaway view (top) and plan (bottom) of Old Saint Peter’s, Rome, Italy, begun ca. 319

    (1) nave, (2) aisle, (3) apse, (4) transept
  7. Image Upload 7
    • Justinian, Bishop Maximianus, and attendants, mosaic on the north wall of the apse, San Vitale, Ravenna, Italy,
    • ca. 547.
  8. Image Upload 8
    • Saint Matthew, folio 25 verso of the Lindisfarne Gospels, 
    • ca. 698
  9. Image Upload 9
    • GISLEBERTUS, Last Judgment, west tympanum of Saint-Lazare
    • ca. 1120
  10. Image Upload 10
    West facade, Chartres Cathedral, Chartres, France, ca. 1145
  11. Image Upload 11
    • Chartres Cathedral (looking north), Chartres, France,
    • as rebuilt after 1194.
  12. What is interesting about Chartes cathedral?
    jam statues are more part of the pillar than statues
  13. Image Upload 12
    Cathedral Complex Pisa begun 1063
  14. Image Upload 13
    • Nicola Pisano Annunciation, Nativity, and Adoration of the Shepherds
    • ca 1259
  15. Image Upload 14
    ANTHEMIUS OF TRALLES and ISIDORUS OF MILETUS, interior of Hagia Sophia (looking southwest), Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey, 532
  16. Image Upload 15
    12-36 Interior) of Durham Cathedral, England, begun ca.1093
  17. Image Upload 16
    Ambulatory and radiating chapels, abbey church, Saint-Denis, France, 1140
  18. Image Upload 17
    • CIMABUE, Madonna Enthroned with Angels and Prophets,
    • from Santa Trinità, Florence, Italy,
    • ca. 1280
  19. Image Upload 18
    • DUCCIO DI BUONINSEGNA, Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saints,
    • principal panel of the Maestà altarpiece, from the Siena Cathedral, Siena, Italy,
    • 1308.
  20. Image Upload 19
    DUCCIO DI BUONINSEGNA, Betrayal of Jesus, detail from the back of the Maestà altarpiece, from Siena Cathedral, Siena, Italy, 1309
  21. Image Upload 20
    GIOTTO DI BONDONE, Madonna Enthroned, from the Church of Ognissanti, Florence, Italy, ca. 1310.
  22. Image Upload 21
    Giotto di Bondone, Arena Chapel (Cappella Scrovegni; interior looking west), Padua, Italy, 1305
  23. Image Upload 22
    GIOTTO DI BONDONE, Lamentation, Arena Chapel, (Cappella Scrovegni), Padua, Italy, ca. 1305
  24. What did they not have access to?
    Roman art that showed sophistication. Did not have examples. Took from Northern
  25. What were mosaics for?
    Teaching the illiterate about Christ
  26. Old Saint Peter's is what style?
  27. Why did monestaries create such ornate Gospels?
    They were thought to be the centerplace of the most knowledgeable. Want to create grand Gospels in the Northern style in order to convert the "barbarians." Wanted to show their wealth and power/impress.
  28. Why were Cathedrials a pilgrimage destination and what did that do to cities?
    It made it a destination point, they had relics
  29. What did the cathedral complex pisa show
    their power and might. used marble facades from ruins of classical past.
  30. The gothic was born where?
    Chartes Cathedral. It has all periods of gothic because of the fire. Facade= early gothic. Right tower= earlier gothic, Left= later gothic. It is dedicated to virgin mary. Later gothic in back half of church.
  31. Gothic means
    Pointed arches= higher elevation= high up windows for stained glass
  32. Who was Saint Chapelle built by
    King louis the 9th. Built to store his relices.
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