Spanish Chapter 1. list 2 (verbs)

  1. ser
    to be
  2. tener (e-ie/go)
    to have
  3. cantar
    to sing
  4. comer
    to eat
  5. comprar
    to buy
  6. escribir
    to write
  7. estudiar
    to study
  8. hablar
    to speak
  9. hacer(go)
    to do/make
  10. ir
    to go
  11. jugar(u-ue)
    to play (anything thats not an instrument)
  12. Leer
    to read
  13. limpiar
    to clean
  14. nadar
    to swim
  15. poner (go)
    to put/place
  16. practicar
    to practice
  17. regresar
    to return
  18. salir(go)
    to leave/go out
  19. tocar
    to touch/play instrument
  20. tomar
    to drink/take
  21. venir(go e-ie)
    to come
  22. ver (veo)
    to see
  23. encantar
    to like a lot/love
  24. chocar
    to dislike strongly
  25. fascinar
    to like a lot/love
  26. acampar
    to camp
  27. asistir a una clase de ejercicios
    to attend and aerobics class.
  28. bajar el rio en canoa
    to canoe down a river
  29. bucear
    to scuba dive
  30. correr
    to run
  31. escalar montanas
    to climb mountains
  32. escuchar musica
    to listen to music
  33. esquiar
    to ski
  34. explorar
    to explore
  35. hablar por telefono
    to talk on the phone
  36. hacer ejercicio
    to exercise
  37. patinar
    to skate
  38. pescar
    to fish
  39. pintar
    to paint
  40. saltar en paracaidas
    to parachute
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