L6 Verbs

  1. vorhaben
    to have something planned
  2. ausgehen
    to go out
  3. gefallen (+Dative)
    to like something (“es gefällt mir” = lit. “it pleases me”)
  4. mögen
    to like something (things and people; not used with other infinitive verbs)
  5. sich etwas ansehen
    to watch something
  6. singen
    to sing
  7. tanzen
    to dance
  8. spenden
    to donate
  9. angeln
    to fish
  10. verbringen
    to spend time
  11. einbrechen
    to break in
  12. ausgebucht
    to be booked solid; fully booked
  13. aufstehen
    to get up, to stand up
  14. kopieren
    to copy
  15. springen
    to jump
  16. klingeln
    to ring
  17. reichen
    to pass something (as in at dinner)
  18. treten
    to step; to kick
  19. vergessen
    to forget
  20. genesen
    to get better; to recover (from an illness)
  21. messen
    to measure
  22. fressen
    to eat (animal)
  23. anvertrauen
    to confide in
  24. entäuschen
    to disappoint
  25. beschäftigen
    to employ someone; to occupy oneself
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