1. What is the law of color?
    States that, out of all the colors in the universe, only three are pure.
  2. Name the primary colors.
    Yellow, red and blue
  3. Orange, green and violet consist of which color category?
    Secondary colors
  4. When mixing primary colors with their neighboring secondary colors in equal proportions, what does it produce?
    Tertiary colors
  5. Three primary, three secondary and six tertiary colors positioned in a circle comprise the:
    The color wheel
  6. Define Tint:
    A hue with white added
  7. Define Tone
    Refers to the warmth or coolness of a color
  8. Warm, cool and neutral identifies the three...?
    Skin tones
  9. Define Shade:
    A hue with black added
  10. What is the ideal or classic face shape?
  11. Name the different face shapes
    Oval, round, oblong, pear, square, heart and diamond
  12. Name a cosmetic product in contouring that creates a dull finish
  13. Define Chiaroscuro:
    The art of arranging light & dark so as to produce the illusion of three dimensional shapes. Practiced when creating makeup designs while working with different values.
  14. Name some facial characteristics that are true about the oval face
    Generally the most symmetric and balanced, represents the ideal. Can be divided into equal thirds
  15. A hint of contour should be added directly below the cheekbone in order to add dimension to a/an...
    Oblong face
  16. Name all the true statements that identify the square face shape?
    Broad, straight forehead and hairline broad, square jawline. Angular somewhat masculine.
  17. When eyebrows are placed far apart making eyes to appear farther apart, what does that do to the forehead?
    Makes it seem wider
  18. Classic eyebrows provide?
    Creates balance and symmetry while framing the eyes
  19. Hooded eyes can be enhanced by causing the fleshy area of the upper lid to recede using a medium shading color in the...?
    In the inner eye area
  20. Name the techniques that benefit bulging eyes:
    • Contouring the protruding lid. Lower lids and the tops of he eyelids can be lined with a very deep eyeliner of the same color, connecting at the inner corner
    • Shadow can be "graded" from dark at the lids to light as you approach browbone
  21. How can you balance full top lips
    By lining of the upper lip slightly inside the natural shape
  22. When doing a make-up application the chair should not reclined more than?
  23. Name the results of the use of foundation
    • Even out skin color
    • Creates smoother texture
    • Conceal imperfections
  24. A product that combines foundation and powder into one step is called
    Creme to powder, one step, dual finish
  25. The most common form of foundation and generally preferred due to its sheer natural coverage is called
  26. Name some important factors when selecting a foundation
    • Skin type
    • skin condition
    • level of coverage
    • type of finish required
    • time of day
    • time of year
  27. The general guideline to match foundation with what component
    The skin tone
  28. In most light skin which undertones are found?
    Yellow and blue
  29. What is the best foundation choice when skin on the neck is lighter than skin on the face
    A balance between the two areas
  30. Which undertones does Ebony skin have?
    Mahogany or blue
  31. Name the warm undertones
    • Light peach
    • yellow
    • medium peach
  32. concealer is used to correct
    • Correct particular facial imperfections. Such as
    • Under eye circles
    • Dilated capillaries
    • Blemishes
    • Dark, shadowed areas of the face
  33. A translucent powder may be combined with any foundation shade to show through without adding
  34. For dramatic and cleaner looking eyebrows it's recommended that an esthetician use a....
  35. The area between the crease line and eyebrow makes up how much of the eye area
  36. Applying eyeliner in a make up application emphasizes and enhances the thickness of
    The eyelashes
  37. What are the benefits of mascara?
    Defines, thickens and lengthens the eyelashes
  38. Lip liner is generally applied to the outer edge to...
    Define the shape of the lips
  39. The most common type of lip color is
  40. Which type of lip product has a shiny appearance and can be used as a highlighter
    Lip glosses
  41. Which product balances the skins pH levels and purifies?
  42. Name the product that removes excess surface skin cells
  43. Define foundation
    Cosmetic product that evens out skin color and creates a smoother texture used to correct undesirable skintones and conceal imperfections is often used to achieve the effect of facial contouring and cheating
  44. Define concealer
    Make a product that includes cream, liquid, stick and pot formulations used to correct particular facial imperfections
  45. Define lip color
    Make up product that completes the balance of color in make up designs
  46. Describe the uses of latex sponges
    Apply foundations and concealers; blend; clean up
  47. Tweezers help shape ______, remove _______, and apply ______ _______.
    Eyebrows, stray hairs, artificial lashes
  48. What is the next step following the application of concealer
    Apply loose powder
  49. A specialty involving colorants into the skin for the purpose of cosmetic enhancement medical correction and or restoration is called
    Permanent makeup
  50. Is a patch test required for eyelash tinting? How many hours prior?
    Yes, at least 24 hours
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