kor-u20 day4

  1. 강세
    emphasis, bullish tendency
  2. ~군데
    counter for places
  3. 물가지수
    price index
  4. 차지하다
    to occupy, to rank
  5. 환산하다
    to convert, to change into
  6. ~이/가 들다
    to cost, take, need
  7. 결과적으로
    as a result
  8. 원인과 결과
    cause and effect
  9. 관광산업
    tourism, tourist industry
  10. 관광수지적자
    tourism deficit
  11. 굴뚝
  12. 규제하다
    to control, to regulate, to restrict
  13. 대략
    • 대강, 약
    • about
  14. 수준
    level, standard
  15. 유도하다
    to lead, to induce
  16. 있다
    to connect
  17. 적자
    red figure, deficit
  18. 지적하다
    to point out, to indicate
  19. 체재비
    • 체류비
    • expenses for staying somewhere
  20. width, difference, margin, range
  21. 큰 폭으로 늘어나다
    to increase greatly
  22. 결론짓다
    to conclude
  23. 구매력
    purchasing power
  24. 권고하다
    • 권하다
    • to recommend
  25. 무려
    as much as
  26. 월급장이
    person who works on salary
  27. 장보기
    grocery shopping
  28. 주거비
    housing expense
  29. 천차만별
    infinite variety
  30. 최신호
    the newest issue
  31. 경상이익
    ordinary profit
  32. 경영개편
    management reorganization,, reshuffle
  33. 국산품애용
    patronizing domestic products
  34. 분위기
    atmosphere (attitude or feeling)
  35. 재기
    comeback, rising again
  36. 침체
  37. 품질향상
    quality improvement
  38. 황금시대
    golden era
  39. 공모하다
    to recruit publicly
  40. 다변화하다
    to diversify
  41. 돌풍
    gust of wind
  42. 돌풍을 일으키다
    to draw popularity, to cause a sensation
  43. 북미지역
    the region of North America
  44. 불과 ~만에
    after only ~ duration of time
  45. 선을 보다
    to see each other with a view to marriage
  46. 선보이다
    to show for the first time, to display for advertisement, to debut
  47. ~을 정점으로
    with ~ as a peak

    1996년을 정점으로 한국의 경제성장이 느려지기 시작했다
  48. 중남미
    central and south america
  49. 태병양
    pacific ocean
  50. 검소한
    • 아끼고 절약하는
    • frugal, thrifty
  51. 결론
    result, conclusion
  52. 물려받다
    to be inherited
  53. 백만장자
  54. 상속받다
    to inherit
  55. 수리소
    repair shop
  56. 전형적인
  57. 한 푼
    a penny, a pittance
  58. (시간) 간격으로
    in (time) intervals
  59. 건전하다
    to be healthy, wholesome, to be good
  60. 나누어 주다
    to distribute, divide
  61. 눈길을 끌고 있다
    to draw attention
  62. 늘어서 있다
    to stand in a long line
  63. 다소
    more or less
  64. 덜어주다
    to reduce, to lessen, to ease
  65. 승차
    getting into a car
  66. 안내 책자
    guidebook, information pamphlet
  67. 의아해 하다
    to doubt, to suspect, to wonder
  68. 입장
    standpoint, situation, position
  69. 정착
    settling down
  70. 취객
    intoxicated customer
  71. 호응
    calling and responding
  72. 흥보
    public information, advertisement
  73. 결코
    never, by no means
  74. 구입하다
  75. 기내면세품
    in-flight duty free goods
  76. 끊다
    to to cut off (something), to hang up (a phone)
  77. 끊임없는
    ceaseless, continuous, constant
  78. 서비스개선
    improvement of service
  79. 선정되다
    to be selected, to be chosen
  80. 설치하다
    to install, to set up, to establish
  81. 연속으로
    consecutively, in a row
  82. 오락장치
    recreation equipment
  83. 제공하다
    to offer, to provide, to furnish
  84. quality
  85. quantity
  86. 논의되다
    to be discussed
  87. 대상국
    the target country, the object country
  88. 동의하다
    to agree with, consent to, approve of
  89. 면제해 주다
    to exempt (a person from ~)
  90. 비자 발급
    issuing visa
  91. 상원
  92. 하원
    House of Reps
  93. 심의하다
    to deliberate on a matter
  94. 이익
    profit, gain
  95. 제안
    proposal, suggestion
  96. 제출하다
    to present, to introduce, to submit
  97. 주장하다
    to insist, emphasize
  98. 채택하다
    to choose, select, accept (a proposal)
  99. 청문회
  100. 촉구하다
    to press (a person for something), to urge
  101. 상원의원
  102. 하원의원
  103. 원장
    director of a hospital/institute
  104. 의원
    national assembly, congress
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