Client Care

  1. What is the purpose of the Ask, Analyze and Assess phase?
    To offer professional advice.
  2. Undivided attention an interest in what is being said can be conveyed via what nonverbal gesture?
    Eye contact
  3. A professional tone of voice can be described by what words?
    Confident, Calm, Respectful and non-judgmental
  4. During what phase does a new client usually fill out a Client Consultation Form?
    Phase 2. Ask, Analyze, Assess.
  5. What types of personal information is a client required to provide on a Client Consultation Form?
    Name, address, phone number, referral
  6. What is the section of the Client Consultation Form that provides the information necessary to determine what products and equipment to use and what services to offer called?
    Medical history.
  7. An allergic reaction is likely to be caused by which of the following substances or ingredients?
  8. What are examples of environmental allergens?
    Pollen, mold, animal dander & saliva, food.
  9. Waxing procedures should be avoided on clients with what conditions?
    Using Rentin-A, varicose veins, chemo/radiation treatments
  10. What is a highly contagious viral infection causing blister-like outbreaks?
  11. Which of the following items protects a skin care center from claims related to damage occurring on a client as a result of services provided?
    Client Release Statement
  12. The esthetician distinguishes the difference between what the client says he or she is experiencing and what is actually happening during which part of the client consultation?
    Professional skin evaluation
  13. A professional skin analysis should be performed how often?
    Every visit. Before and after cleansing step.
  14. What are the purposes of a complimentary consultation?
    Build new business, discover skin care needs, setting up for future skin care needs.
  15. In which phase of the service does the esthetician summarize and make sure the client agrees on the recommended treatments?
    Phase 3- Agreement
  16. What are the goals of the Delivery phase of service?
    Ensure client comfort during service; educate the client & explain what is taking place, attain results that satisfy clients needs & expectations.
  17. Which phase of service involves soliciting feedback, recommending a home care regiment and scheduling the clients next appointment?
    Phase 5- Completion
  18. An explanation of what a product will do and why the product is able to perform specific results is called a:
    Product statement.
  19. What will occur when clients trust that you will care for their skin and believe in your professional knowledge?
    Sales in products & services will increase.
  20. Retail sales are what percent of service dollars?
  21. After establishing a client base, what percentage of new clients should you strive to acquire each week?
  22. What is most likely to occur upon a satisfied customers return to the skin care center?
    They'll exonerate regular clients.
  23. The purpose of a "care call" is to find out what information?
    If the client was satisfied w/ their experience; how their skin reacted, how the products are working, any questions, anything to make a more enjoyable visit.
  24. During a "care call" what statement would most likely engage a conversation with a client?
    Any open ended question. How skin was after treatment, questions, look forward to seeing you in 4-6 weeks
  25. When should you follow up with a call or note?
    • Within 72 hours for returning clients
    • The next day for new clients.
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