gov ch 8-9

  1. what kind of republic does the United States have
    constitutional / federal republic
  2. powers expressly stated in the Constitution
    expressed powers
  3. implied in the Constitution but not expressly stated
    implied powers
  4. what case did the Supreme Court establish the doctrine of implied powers
    McCulloch v. Maryland
  5. what amendment is the provision for the reserved powers found
    10th Amendment
  6. the central (national) government possesses all of the power
    unitary system
  7. the local units possess all political power
    confederacy system
  8. divides political power between the national government and the state government
    federal system
  9. powers that both the national government and the state government exercise
    concurrent powers
  10. has to do with the division of power among the governments within a nation
  11. the act of one state honoring the civil laws and court decisions of other states
    full faith and credit
  12. special rights and protections guaranteed to the citizens of a state
    Privileges and immunities
  13. the surrendering of an accused or convicted felon to the state from which he fled
  14. under what concept is each government independent and exercises its power without the assistance of other governments
    dual federalism
  15. which amendment to the Constitution made provision for a federal income tax
    16th Amendment
  16. monies the national government gives to state or local governments for some designated purpose
    Federal grants
  17. the belief that laws could be nullified if deemed unconstitutional
    Doctrine of Nullification
  18. gave a broader interpretation of Congress' power to regulate commerce
    Gibbons v. Ogden
  19. system where the central government works with the state
    cooperative federalism
  20. how has the Supreme Court coerced the states into submission to the federal government
    14th Amendment
  21. what occurs when a federal law supersedes or overrides a similar state law
  22. when money granted to the states is accompanied by rules that govern the use of that money
  23. a written plan which sets up a form of government and establishes its basic governing principles
  24. what is the oldest written constitution now in force anywhere in the world
    Massachusetts constitution
  25. which state set a precedent by allowing the people to vote to ratify their constitution
  26. what is a major change to the constitution
  27. what is a minor change to the constitution
  28. what is one of the most important functions of state government
    law enforcement
  29. oldest executive office in American politics
    governors office
  30. what type of veto power does the governor possess
    item veto
  31. who is the guardian of state funds
  32. when a candidate gets more votes that anyone else
  33. if the legislature removes a governor
  34. if the voters remove the governor
  35. by virtue of office or position
    ex officio
  36. orders that dictate how a law should be carried out
    executive orders
  37. what is the only state with a unicameral state legislature
  38. what famous 1962 court case opened the door for federal control of state apportionment
    Baker v. Carr
  39. the state legislatures power to propose constitutional amendments
    constituent power
  40. court case that ruled that apportionment of both houses of state legislatures must me based upon population
    Reynolds v. Sims
  41. voters choose the political party's nominees
    direct primary
  42. who presides over the lower house of the state legislature
  43. who presides over the senate
    president over the senate
  44. which method of voting will permanently record the legislator's vote
    roll-call vote
  45. what was the first state to allow voters to play a direct role in the legislative process
    South Dakota
  46. committees made up of both houses can often keep the two houses from finding themselves at odds with one another
    joint committees
  47. when an act of the legislature must be referred to the voters for approval or rejection
    mandatory referendum
  48. an election in which the voters of a state approve or reject a proposed amendment
  49. process by which voters propose constitutional amendments
  50. what percentage of all court cases are heard in state courts
  51. the courts intended to ease the case lead of the state's highest court
    appellate courts
  52. aids the judicial process by testifying under oath about what he has seen and heard in regard to a particular case
  53. a transcript is made of the trial proceedings
    courts of record
  54. largest unit of local government
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