Fun Srvs Merch Exam 1

  1. The difference between a casket and a coffin?
    • A coffin is used for funeral service and wedge shaped-anthropodial-shaped like a human with 8 sides
    • A casket is for protection/practical utility & suitable for a memory picture (rectangle shapped
  2. Materials used in casket construction?
    • Wood
    • Ferrous Metals
    • Non-Ferrous Metals
    • & other materials like Polymer & fiberglass
  3. Examples of hardwoods and softwoods
    • hardwoods: Walnut (hardest), Oak, Maple, Cherry, Mahogany, Poplar, Birch and Pecan
    • softwoods: Redwood, Cedar, Cypress, Fur, Spruce, Pine
  4. Ferrous metals are and how the thickness is expressed?
    • any metal made out of iron and more suseptable to rust
    • the thickness is by gauges... the thicker the gauge the lighter the metal is
  5. Non-Ferrous metals are and how the thickness is expressed?
    • any metal not containing any iron mostly in bronze & copper
    • it's expressed in oz. in sq. foot. 32 oz & 48 oz. the higher the # per sq. foot the thicker the metal is.
  6. The componenet parts of the casket which includes the shell, the body and the hardware?
    • The Cap or Lid
    • Rim or Ogee
    • Crown
    • Pie or Fishtail
    • Header
    • Rim Flange (ogee flange)
    • Gasket channel
    • Header flange
    • Top body molding or body ledge
    • Body panel
    • Base molding
    • Bottom
    • (Stiffeners & Structural ribs)
    • Top body molding flange or body ledge flange
    • Full length swing bar
    • Individual swing bar
    • Full length stationary bar
    • Bail handle (bail bar)
  7. The component parts of the handle?
    • Lug or Ear
    • arm or Bracket
    • Bar
    • Tip
    • Corner or Escutcheon
    • Production methods: Metal cast hardware & stamped extrusion molding hardware
  8. The interior of caskets-component parts?
    • Component parts:
    • Cap panel
    • a. Full Coucrh
    • b. Half Couch
    • head and foot panel
  9. Inner panels and parts
    • Inner panels
    • roll (cove, puffing)
    • gimp (fold)
    • Throw (overlay overthrow)
    • Apron or Skirt Extendover (valance)
    • BedMattress
    • cover
    • Body lining
    • Hinge cover (hinge skirt)
    • Pillow
    • Blanket
  10. Wood
    thickness varies/ 3 1/4 to 7/18 in stock is used in construction
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Fun Srvs Merch Exam 1
Fun Srvs Merch Exam 1