1. Kolohe

    Naughty, Mischievous
  2. K Den
    Alright, Bye
  3. Braddah
    Brother, Homie
  4. Ho Bra
    Hello There
  5. Howz it cuz?
    How are you?
  6. Latahz with you!
    Bye Felicia!
  7. Never mind already
    just leave it alone
  8. He so pilau
    he/she is not well mannered
  9. My shirt get puka
    There is a hole in my shirt
  10. Dat lady all bus'
    that woman is extremely intoxicated
  11. Dat guy funny kine
    That man is very strange
  12. Hauna his feet
    He has very stinky feet
  13. You get maka piapia
    You have eye buggers
  14. Hemo your slippahs
    Remove your flip flops
  15. 'Ona da food
    The food is delicious
  16. Get your 'ok ole over here!
    Get your butt over here!
  17. Eh, wash your ching ching
    Please clean your private area
  18. Eh, wash your boto
    Please clean your private area
  19. Nevah mind niele!
    Don't ask too many questions
  20. Look your kelekele hanging out!
    Your muffin top is hanging out
  21. Cute dah baby!
    your baby is adorable
  22. No ack up!
    Please be on your best behavior
  23. Damn kid!
    Damn kid!
  24. You like kaukau?
    Would you like to eat?
  25. She so pocho!
    She is such a motor mouth!
  26. Your room so kapulu!
    Your room is messy
  27. Yuck! You get hana buttah
    Eww, you have snot!
  28. She got her ma'i
    She has her period
  29. Holoholo
    out for pleasure, gallivant
  30. No can
    • Can not, not possible
    • i.e. "My moddah said I no can go."
  31. Kama'aina
    Local Hawaii resident
  32. Malihini
    Someone from the outside, not a Hawaii local
  33. Kokua
    To help or assist
  34. Puka
    A hole
  35. pau
    To be done, finish
  36. No Ack
    Don't play dumb
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