EENT + Musculoskeletal System

  1. What is a URI?
    • Upper Respiratory Infection = viral infection that causes congestion, cough, and inflammation of upper airway
    • CC = cough/congestion
  2. What is a middle ear infection called?
    • Otitis Media = infection of the tympanic membrane causing ear pain and pressure
    • CC = ear pain, ear pulling in kids
  3. What is strep throat?
    • Streptococcal Pharyngitis = bacterial infection of the tonsils and pharynx causing a sore throat + swollen lymph nodes
    • CC = sore throat
  4. Things found during physical exam of strep throat?
    • pharyngeal erythema
    • tonsillar hypertrophy (enlargement)
    • Tonsillar exudates (pus)
  5. How is strep throat diagnosed?
    rapid strep test
  6. Scribe alert for strep throat?
    • biggest concern is the possibility of a PTA (peritonsillar abscess)
    • signs include uvular shift or tonsillar asymmetry
  7. Musculoskeletal System
    • strain of back that creates pain that is worse with movement
    • CC = back pain, mostly low back pain (lumbar pain)
  8. Pertinent negatives for Musculoskeletal Back Pain
    • No LE weakness
    • no incontinence
  9. PE of musculoskeletal back pain?
    • paraspinal tenderness
    • positive straight leg raise diagnoses sciatica (back pain that radiates down the legs)
  10. What is an extremity injury?
    trauma that creates pain/swelling in an extremity
  11. Pertinent negatives for extremity injuries?
    • no motor weakness
    • no numbness or tingling
  12. Scribe alert for extremity injuries?
    majority of extremity injuries receive some type of splint - remember to document
  13. three mechanisms of injury for trauma?
    • rapid forward deceleration (MVC)
    • rapid vertical deceleration (falls)
    • penetrating trauma (GSW)
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