Integumentary + Endocrine System

  1. What is cellulitis + CC?
    • infection of the skin cells
    • CC = red, swollen, painful, and sometimes warm area of skin
  2. Treatment for cellulitis?
    Abx (antibiotics)
  3. What is an abscess + CC?
    • skin infection with an underlying collection of pus
    • CC = red, swollen, and painful lump
  4. Scribe alert for abscesses?
    • abscesses must have the pus-pocket drained
    • remember to document I&D procedure notes
  5. What is a rash + CC?
    • changes in the skin’s appearance due to systemic or localized reaction
    • could be caused from meds, virus, bacteria, fungus
    • CC = rash, red, itchy, painful
  6. Examples of non dangerous rashes?
    • urticaria (hives or wheals)
    • macule (flat)
    • papules (raised bumps)
    • vesicles (small blisters)
  7. What is DKA?
    • Diabetic Ketoacidosis = shortage of insulin resulting in hyperglycemia and production of ketones
    • fruity odor, tachypnea
    • CC = persistent vomiting with a hx of DM
  8. How is DKA diagnosed?
    • arterial blood gas (ABG)
    • venous blood gas (VBG) showing low pH (acidosis)
    • positive serum ketones
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