Gastrointestinal System

  1. Associated diseases in the Epigastric region?
    • GERD
    • MI
  2. Associated diseases in the RUQ region?
    • Cholecystitis
    • Cholelithiasis
  3. Associated diseases in the LUQ region?
  4. Associated diseases in the periumbilical region?
  5. Associated diseases in the RLQ region?
  6. Associated diseases in the LLQ region?
  7. Associated diseases in the suprapubic region?
    • Overian torsion
    • Ovarian cyst
    • UTI
  8. Associated diseases in the flanks region?
    • pyelonephritis
    • renal calculi
  9. What is appy + CC?
    • Appendicitis
    • CC = RLQ pain, gradual onset, constant, worsened with movement
  10. Which sites are tender during physical exam of appy?
    • McBurney’s point tenderness
    • RLQ tenderness
  11. How is appy diagnosed?
    CT A/P with PO contrast
  12. What is SBO?
    • Small Bowel Obstruction: physical blockage of the small intestine
    • CC = abdominal pain, vomiting constipating
  13. How is SBO diagnosed?
    • CT A/P with PO contrast
    • Acute Abdominal series (AAS) - fecal matter is dense so it shows up white on the X-ray
  14. What are other terms for gallstones?
    • Cholelithiasis/Cholecystitis: RUQ abdominal pain after eating fatty foods
    • CC = RUQ pain, sharp, worsened with eating, deep breaths, palpation
  15. Which sites are tender during physical exam of gallstones?
    • RUQ tenderness
    • Murphy’s sign
  16. How are gallstones diagnosed?
    Abdominal Ultrasound RUQ
  17. What is a GI Bleed + CC?
    • Gastrointestinal Bleed: hemorrhage in the upper or lower gastrointestinal tract can lead to anemia
    • CC: hematemesis (bright red blood), melena (black stool)
  18. How is a GI bleed diagnosed?
    heme positive stool (guaiac positive) during a rectal exam
  19. Scribe Alert for GI bleed?
    possible blood transfusion needed due to significant blood loss
  20. What is diverticulitis + CC?
    • acute inflammation and infection of abnormal pockets of the large intestine
    • CC = LLQ pain
  21. How is diverticulitis diagnosed?
    CT A/P with PO contrast
  22. What is pancreatitis + CC?
    • inflammation of the pancreas
    • CC = LUQ, epigastric pain
  23. How is pancreatitis diagnosed?
    elevated lipase lab test
  24. What is GERD?
    • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease = stomach acid regurgitating into the esophagus
    • CC = epigastric pain, burning
  25. How is GERD diagnosed?
  26. Scribe alert for GERD?
    bc of how close stomach is to the heart, pt with cardiac risk factors and epigastric pain will always get a cardiac workup
  27. What is C. Diff Colitis?
    opportunistic bacteria that causes persiistent diarrhea
  28. What is gastroenteritis?
    • vomiting and diarrhea
    • “GI Bug”
    • often viral or bacterial
  29. What is Crohn’s Disease
    Immune disorder causing diarrhea and abdominal pain
  30. What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    chronically sensitive bowels prone to diarrhea
  31. What is gastritis?
    • irritated stomach with vomiting
    • stomach ache
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