Latin 1 Vocab Set Review #8

  1. poet
    poēta -ae
  2. see, observe, understand
    videō, vidēre, vīdī, vīsum
  3. go astray, wander
    errō, errāre, errāvī, erratus
  4. often
  5. save, watch over
    servō, servāre, servāvī, servatus
  6. daughter; son
    filia -ae; filius -ī
Card Set
Latin 1 Vocab Set Review #8
Gustavo: Where am I and why am I freezing?! Kelly: You're in Minnesota. Gustavo: (pointing to the fans that were there) WHAT'S UP MINNESOTA?!(they all cheer) I hate all of them. And the state for freezing my latte. Also I need a bigger coat. Kelly: It's our last stop so just focus and try not to make everybody cry. Somewhere in here is your new big star, I can feel it. Gustavo: I'M THE STAR! What I need is a canvas with great hair that I can paint my pop on. I need a singing block of wood that I can set on fire so please tell me where in... uh.. Kelly: Minnesota. Gustavo: Where in Minnesota IS MY FIRE?!