Nursing Practice Act

  1. What does CA title 22 say that hospitals must abide by?
    What they need to provide and what they are NOT allowed to do
    • Identifies the nurse-patient ratio and predicts nursing care requirements.
    •  - Also provide nurses in areas that is in within their scope of licensure. 
    •  - Hospitals shall NOT assign a RN to a unit if the nurse hasn't demonstrated competency in that area, or the hospital has not provided sufficient orientation to provide care.
  2. What is the CA Title 16?
    Standards of Comptency and Performance: When RN is considered to be competent by demonstrating ability to transfer scientific knowledge from social, biological, and physical sciences in applying the nursing process
  3. List ways the BRN protects its citizens
    • RN licensing standards
    • Monitoring RN educational (approves CA nursing programs) standards and oversight
    • Discipline of RNs (investigates complaints)
    • Acts as a regulatory agency under the CA dept. of consumer affairs
  4. List the number of board members in the BRN. 
    How many are appointed by Gov and legislature?
    How long are their terms?
    • 9 board members: 4 public, five nurses
    •  - RN: 2 direct care, 1 APRN, 1 administrator, 1 educator
    • Appointed: 7 by gov, 2 by legislature
    • Term: Serve 2, 4 year terms (8 year max)
  5. Which body manages nursing intervention programs and maintains online license verifications of RNs?
  6. What is the BRN mission statement?
    The BRN protects the health and safety of consumers by promoting quality RN care in CA.
  7. Who serves as the final authority in the interpretation and enforcement of the NPA?
  8. What is the wait time to retake the NCLEX?
    45 days
  9. What is the maximum duration of an interim permit?
    6 months of date of issue or until NCLEX exam results given
  10. Fill in: RN license have to be renewed after __a__ years, which is the __b__ following birth month), then every __c__ years.

    Must complete __d__ hours of CE for renewal, with a fee of $__e__. There must be a report of change within __f__ days of name or address change.
    RN license have to be renewed after 2 birth years , which is the last day of the month following birth month), then every 2 years.

    Must complete 30 hours hours of CE for renewal, with a fee of $190. There must be a report of change within 30 days of name or address change.
  11. When providing CE proof, how long must a RN hold proof of completion for an audit?
    What is the rule for repeating a course with similar content?
    • For at least 4 years
    • Cannot repeat course with similar content in the same renewal cycle
  12. What are the discipline actions actions that can be taken if a nurse is found to be in violation of the NPA?
    • Revoke or suspend license
    • Accept surrender of license
    • Place nurse's license on probation
    • Cite and fine
  13. What are the two ways a RN can be referred to an intervention program? What can happen if the RN refuses to enter the program after a referral?
    • 1. Self-referral: when RN contacts program directly
    • 2. Board-referral: when RNs are referred to program by BRN as a result of a complaint
    • If they refuse: the complaint is referred to the Enforcement program for investigation and possible disciplinary action
  14. How much is the BRN intervention program and how long will the RN be int he program for?
    • Cost: $25 per month
    • Duration: Average length is 3-5 years to successfully complete the program
  15. If a RN is in an intervention program, will they be allowed to work in the mean time?
    Yes: concurrent to work per BRN clinical safety assessment and approval
  16. List when a RN is ineligible for an intervention program
    • Previously been discliplined by RN for similar reason
    • Been terminated from program or from another state's diversion program
    • Sold drugs
    • Caused pt. harm or death
  17. This term is when nurses are expected to perform duties not common within their normal practice.
    Standardized Procedures
  18. List things that RN cannot delegate to UAP
    • Admin meds
    • IV initiation or therapy
    • Tube feedings
    • Invasive procedures that include inserting any tubes, caths, or tach suctioning
    • Education
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