Path 2 Quiz 5

  1. What is a subdural hematoma? (TQ)
    rupture of the bridging veins in the brain caused by a sudden change in the velocity of the brain w/ respect to the cranial vault (blow to head- slipping on ice, sports injury)
  2. Why is the spread of blood slow due to a subdural hematoma? (TQ)
    Due to the decreased pressure in veins as compared to arteries
  3. How long before major symptoms develop after a subdural hematoma?
    24-48 hrs
  4. Why does the pt come across as "silly or childish" after a subdural hematoma
    • Leakage of blood into the gray matter of brain may cause "poisoning" of the tissues
    • Multiple hematomas can lead to decreased brain maturity
  5. Signs of subdural hematoma
    • Swelling
    • Compression
    • Non-communicating hydrocephalus
    • (similar to epidural hematoma)
  6. Subdural hematomas predispose the pt to ___________
    subarachnoid hemorrhagic stroke
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