1. Waveguide support required every so many inches?
    18 inches

    1.5 feet
  2. Maximum range and discharge time of 27 Lbs PKP?
    Effective range 21 feet and minimum discharge time of 11 seconds
  3. Type 1 switch location
    Located just inside the access to the space 48-54 inches above the deck
  4. What are the recommended starting gap distances for ROX blocks?
    1/32 to 1/16 of an inch
  5. Most accurate sounding LQA?
    Polling/exchange (2-way)
  6. What voltage does a yellow label indicate on rubber gloves?
    17,000 volts max
  7. When shall designated authorizing officers spot check lockout/ tagout logs at shore units?
    At least quarterly
  8. Minimum safety board items
    • Wooden cane
    • Elec gloves w/ leather shells
    • Fuse pullers
    • Shorting probe
    • Flashlight
    • Wool blanket
    • CPR instructions
    • Casualty control folder
  9. Who funds SESEF testing for the CG?
  10. What is a category 3 CASREP?
    A major degradation in the current primary mission.
  11. Minimum distance internal unshielded cables can be routed near weather doors, windows, hatches?
    12 inches

    10 feet minimum distance from hanger doors.
  12. Who can add, void, cancel, or modify records at any point in the TCTO process?
    Only ESD and survivability and sustainment branch.
  13. How many characters do a TCTO ACMS code contain?
    6 characters
  14. Formal inspection using USAT
  15. What is a category 4 CASREP?
    Total loss of one current mission and unable to operate as directed by TACON or risk to crew survivability.
  16. How often shall the test equipment pretty officer perform an inventory review of the units SPETERL?
    At least twice annually. SPETERL validation should constitute one of the two.
  17. How long are pending and completed missing tool reports retained for?
    3 years
  18. What are the 3 priority levels for submitted CG-22s?


  19. RADHAZ type 2 sign?
    check with command before proceeding past this point
  20. What are the general HERO distance requirements for RF transmitters?
    10 feet
  21. What is the HERP fixed-beam standoff distance for 73 radar?
    3 feet
  22. What is the standard PEL for all DGPS sites?
    25 feet
  23. Where shall a type 1 RADHAZ sign never be posted?
    In an area undefined by a PEL line.
  24. What can serve as a PEL boundary art remote sites not generally visited by the general public?
    RF RADHAZ sign
  25. When are high voltage and shock hazard signs required?
    with potentials of 30 volts rms or DC are present
  26. What size are RADHAZ signs for shore installations, flight desks, DGPS, and COMMSTAs
    12 inches
  27. RADHAZ type 5 sign
    Providing a blank area for special instructions
  28. What is a RADHAZ type 1 sign?
    personnel hazard exists in the area keep moving
  29. What is the minimum distance the nearest cable hanger can be to a MCT?
    16 inches minimum.
  30. How often shall electrical rubber gloves be tested?
    every 6 months
  31. Max number of splices in a cable unless specified by drawings?
    No more than 2.
  32. Equipment ground leads shall be provided for each __________ ft of work bench installed?
    4 feet
  33. What is the preferred method for establishing an equipotential plane?
    Metal floors with concrete poured over.
  34. Zone of protection provided by air terminals?
    1:1 zone of protection
  35. Minimum length of ground rods?

    10 feet
  36. What types of bonds shall be used below decks?
    Type III and IV straps only.
  37. For large facilities, the facility area is assumed to be what in regards to the earth electrode subsystem?
    Facility areas are assumed to extend at least 6 meters (20 feet) beyond the basic building outline.
  38. What materials can a kickpipe be made of?
    Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Brass
  39. What stuffing tube material can you use with a steel deck?
    Steel and Brass
  40. When should you use a nylon stuffing tube?
    Equipment enclosure entries and bulkheads where thickness is less than 3/16 of an inch.
  41. What stuffing tube materials can you use with a brass deck?
    Steel and Brass
  42. What stuffing tube material should you use with a zinc deck?
  43. What stuffing tube can you use with an aluminum deck?
    Steel or aluminum
  44. How many threads should remain visible on stuffing tubes?
    2-3 threads
  45. What material shall MCTs be constructed out of?
    Steel or aluminum
  46. Members with less than 4 years can appeal their retention eligibility appeal. Their retention eligibility appeal must be submitted in how many days?
    Within 15 days
  47. Maximum credit for sea duty?
    30 points
  48. What is the maximum hair bulk for men?
    1 1/2 inches from the scalp.
  49. What is the number of CG battle streamers?
  50. The CPO rank was created in what year?
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