1. What does integrated assets use to document equipment maintenance and casualties?
    ALMIS electronic asset log book.
  2. What allows ALMIS users to generate reports such as MDL?
    Decision Support System (DSS)
  3. How often are ordnance inspections for cutters w/ NTNO ordnance equipment conducted?
    Every 18 months.
  4. How often are ordnance inspections asst shore units and cutters w/o NTNO ordnance?
  5. What is an OTI?
    Ordnance Technical Inspection (OTI) is an admin inspection of the unit's NTNO ordnance systems.
  6. What form do you send back to SFLC when returning MTI items?
  7. What would the picture of a small boat in EAL indicate?
    Indicates a mission related discrepancy for small boat assets.
  8. How long after an inspection is a reinspection conducted if major discrepancies are discovered in an OTI/OSI inspection?
    90 days.
  9. How are TCTOs tracked?
    Tracked by ACMS (Asset Computerized Maintenance System).
  10. How do non-modernized units track TCTO completion?
    SFLC central and FLS
  11. What are the primary QA inspector responsibilities?
    Sign and approve TCTOs and perform QA listed on all electronic MPCs.
  12. What status must am asset be prior to performing extended or intrusive maintenance?
    Asset must be placed in NMCM-Not misdion capable (maintenance performed w/ available supplies).
  13. How often shall the tool control program be inspected to insure compliance?
    the ESD supervisor and ESD maintenance supervisor shall develop a schedule for quarterly spot check inspections.
  14. What are the 3 roles within ALMIS?
    1 maintenance supervisor

    2 QA

    3 maintenance technician
  15. For ESD travel to C4IT assets without personnel assigned, how many travel records are required?
    1 travel record required for visits to C4IT assets without personnel.
  16. What are the two bravo statuses in ALMIS?
    FMC Fully mission capable

    PMC Partially mission capable
  17. Where can MPCs be accessed?
    • NE-TIMS
    • From the MRL in EAL and DSS
  18. In EAL what is DC in a box of slanted lines mean?
    Indicates dock check is required.
  19. How often shall the maintenance supervisor review EAL?
  20. In EAL what is check mark TF in a box of slanted lines mean?
    Indicates underway test results are satisfactory.
  21. Who approves deferred maintenance discrepancies that exceed 30 days?
    Maintenance officers for C4IT product line assets.
  22. When shall CG units document and package DLR items upon receipt of replaceable item?
    Within 48 hours.
  23. What is the status of an asset that has a discrepancy for mission essential parts?
    Asset status must be NMCS- Not Mission Capable Supply.
  24. How are discrepancies for non-mission essential parts deferred on EAL/ALMIS?
    Non-mission essential parts are deferred as parts pending "PP".
  25. What is the status of an asset while im a Charlie period?
    NMCD- Not Mission Capable Charlie
  26. 110 foot WPEs HTHM dockside internal?
    9 month intervals.
  27. What would a downward red triangle indicate?
    Indicates the asset is not in bravo status.
  28. What would a downward red arrow in EAL indicate?
    The asset condition is disabled.
  29. What would a upward green arrow in EAL indicate?
    Indicates the asset condition is not disabled.
  30. What would a upward green triangle in EAL indicate?
    Indicates the asset is in bravo status.
  31. What are the for NMC statuses in ALMIS?
    M- unscheduled maintenance outside Charlie period

    S- supply

    D- Charlie period

    D- depot maintenance
  32. When does the QA sign off occur?
    QA sign off happens after the corrective action and prior to the maintenance release signature.
  33. How often shall MPC decks be reviewed to ensure the most up to date version.
  34. What is required for EAL entries when corrective actions are delayed beyond one business day?
    Entry must be deferred by codes "CF" carried forward and "PP" parts pending or "SQ" non-mission generated maintenance squawk.
  35. When are units billed for overdue items?
    75th day
  36. What does a blank cell in the schedule status indicate?
    MPC completed within its scheduled date.
  37. Who contacts the servicing ESD after hours?
    Sector engineering officer
  38. 110 HTHM drydock interval?
    18 months
  39. If a unit does not complete a TCTO in time, what message will be released?
    I will be added to the units overdue maintenance list web report visible to All personnel with ALMIS.
  40. In ALMIS what do you click on first to get to a MDL?
    DSS Decision Support System
  41. What is a class A bond?
    Metal surfaces bonded by welding or brazing.
  42. Resistance measured across a bond?
    bond resistance must be .1 ohms or less.
  43. Minimum width of a type IV flat copper braid?
    Minimum 1" width.
  44. Air terminal interval over the interior of flat and gently sloping roofs?
    50 foot intervals.
  45. AWG of branch ground cables on a non metallic vessel?
    10 AWG
  46. Wire gauge for work bench grounding leads?
    10 AWG
  47. How thick shall insulation be on the surface of a work bench?
    3/8 inch thick
  48. What is level III TEMPEST equipment?
    Equipment suitable for an inspectable space greater than 100 meters or only used at sea.
  49. How many categories of TEMPEST equipment are there?
    3 level 1,2,3
  50. How long do you have to correct discrepancies from a VTI TEMPEST inspection?
    Discrepancies shall be corrected within 30 working days.
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