1. For direction finders accuracy what would indicate a need to repair/calibrate?
    A difference of +/- 3° in DF bearing and plotted bearing of test sites.
  2. What can test equipment that does not require calibration be used for?
    TE not requiring calibration can only be used for troubleshooting not scheduled maintenance.
  3. What periodicity does the letter "R" indicate?
    "R" is a situation requirement. Eg: "Prior to getting U/W every 2 weeks"
  4. Does double insulated portable equipment require grounding?
  5. What is a type IV field change?
    Only the required publication. Will not require parts or tools.
  6. What is the best way to determine the status of the depth sounder?
    Use fish finder mode
  7. What is considered an overall passing score for ESD assessments?
    Above 80%
  8. What is an overall score of 70%-80% for ESD Assessments?
    Marginal pass
  9. What is a type II (2) field change?
    Type II field changes consist of publication material required to accomplish the change to the equipment, required parts may be needed to requisition.
  10. When connecting battery cables which cable do you connect first?
    Connect ground cable first
  11. Can an afloat USAT checklist be edited?
  12. Peak sound pressure that requires double hearing protection?
    140 db
  13. FPCON Normal
    Routine security measures at an installation
  14. FPCON Alpha
    Applies when there is a general threat of terrorist activity. Must be able to maintain indefinitely.
  15. How long do you retain ordnance logs?
    Minimum of 3 years
  16. When will SFLC send a message to the unit stating the item is overdue?
    At the 45th day, 15 days past the 30 day deadline.
  17. At which amperage would a person not be able to let go?
    10 milliamps
  18. What amperage level can cause death?
    100 milliamps
  19. What can you substitute for the wooden cane?
    15 ft of 1/2" or 5/8" hemp rope
  20. What is the maintenance labor hours (MLH) for QA's on an applicable MPC?
    .1 MLH
  21. How many travel records are required for visits to 2 manned sites?
  22. What is the max effective range of a 15 lb CO2 extinguisher?
    4-6 feet
  23. How often should radio checks be conducted between climber and their observer if climber is in fog?
    every 5 minutes
  24. What should be used to positively ground a tower?
    A deadman stick
  25. What is considered an optimum sounding in ALE?
  26. What do unit ETs do with unit test equipment prior to a MEP availibilty?
    Asset ETs shall remove & ship test equipment to the centralized electronic test equipment program loan pool.
  27. What can be tested at a SESEF range?
    1. Comms

    2. IFF Systems

    3.. TACAN

    4. Direction Finders
  28. How is capacitive storage verified?
    Steadily decreasing voltage indication for a minimum of 5 seconds.
  29. At what amperage would a person be able to feel a shock?
    1 milliAmp
  30. How often are tag-out logs audited on afloat assets and shore?
    Afloat: Every 2 weeks

    Ashore: At least monthly
  31. When working on energized circuits greater than 300 volts what extra safety step shall occur?
    A safety line or cane shall be attached to the upper body of person conducting the work.
  32. How often are lock-out/tag-out logs audited at remote sites?
    Every 6 months
  33. When are multiple power sources labels required?
    When thereare more than one power source exceeding 12 volts feeding the equipment.
  34. What can you do if a cable has a bad insulation reading due to moisture absorption?
    Cut 4 4 ft from each end of the cable and re-test. If improvement is shown then pass a current through the cable for 4 hours.
  35. What units does the CGETEP cover?
    Base C4IT Dept


    Units with assigned ETs
  36. What is the weakest mechanical splice?
    Mesh splice (smallest diameter & most flexible)
  37. What units do the CGETEP not cover?

    Air Stations

    Centers of Excellance
  38. What networks are Rayolon sleeves not suitable for?
    Communication networks due to water absorption.
  39. How is test equipment tracked?
    Test equipment shall be tracked within FLS
  40. How shall cabling be oriented across a hinge?
    In parallel to hinge. This allows the cable to twist instead of bend.
  41. Who is the only person authorized to re-energize a circuit if more than one party is involved?
    Person who removed the last lock or tag.
  42. How long do you flush eyes/skin if they are exposed to battery acid?
    15-20 minutes
  43. What type of ferrules on fuses and clips shall cutters use?
    Silver plate ferrules to prevent corrosion.
  44. What is the goal of the 2M/MTR program?
    Test and Repair 80% of failed CCAa in shipboard electronic equipment.
  45. At what voltages do you require a safety observer?
    Energized voltages of 30 volts or more.
  46. What is the third step of ORM?
    Assess Risks
  47. What is the load limit of a full body harness?
    310 lbs
  48. Number of minutes a small fire can create untenable conditions within a space?
    As little as 2 minutes
  49. What would you use to test a wire antenna?
    A Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR)
  50. Minimum bend radius for flexible coaxial cable?
    10 times the cable diamter or 20x if subject to repeated flexing
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