Medical Terminology

  1. Abrasion
    Scrape of the skin due to something abrasive
  2. Acute
    New, usually of rapid onset and of concern, opposite of chronic
  3. Ambulate
    To walk from place to place
  4. Anterior
    Located towards the front of the body
  5. Artery
    Blood vessel carrying blood away from the heart
  6. Benign
    Normal, of no danger to health
  7. Bradycardia
    Slow heart-rate (HR less than 60bpm)
  8. Cardiomegaly
    Enlarged heart
  9. Cholecystitis
    Inflammation of the cholecyst (gallbladder)
  10. Chronic
    Long-standing, constant. Opposite of acute
  11. COPD
    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, lung Dz commonly seen in smokers
  12. Coronary artery
    The artery that supplies heart tissue with blood
  13. Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA)
    a.k.a. "Stroke". Lack of blood supply to the brain causing brain damage
  14. Diaphoresis
  15. Distal
    Farther from the trunk of the body
  16. Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
    A blood clot in a deep vein, most often an extremity
  17. Dyspnea
    Problems with breathing
  18. Dysuria
    Painful urination
  19. Ecchymosis
    A bruise
  20. Edema
  21. Emesis
  22. Epistaxis
    Nose bleed
  23. Erythema/Erythematous
  24. Febrile
    Elevated body temperature, fever, indicative of infection
  25. Grossly
    Obviously; a lot; wholly
  26. Hematemesis
    Very large amounts of blood in the vomit
  27. Hematuria
    Very large amounts of blood in the urine
  28. Hemoptysis
    Coughing up very large amounts of blood
  29. Hemorrhage
    Excessive or profuse bleeding
  30. Hepatomegaly
    Enlarged liver
  31. Hypertension
    High blood pressure
  32. Hypotension
    Low blood pressure
  33. Hypoxia
    Low oxygen saturation of the body, not enough oxygen in the blood
  34. Infarct
    Area of dead tissue after a lack of blood supply
  35. Inferior
    Lower on the body, farther from the head
  36. Ischemia
    Lack of blood supply
  37. Laceration
    Splitting of the skin due to trauma (a cut due to something sharp)
  38. Lateral
    Farther from the midline (a line that can be traced from nose to belly)
  39. Medial
    Nearer to the midline
  40. Melena
    Black tarry stool
  41. Myocardial Infarction (MI)
    Death of cardiac muscle due to ischemia
  42. Myalgia
    Muscular pain, “muscle aches”
  43. Oriented x3
    Oriented to person, place, and time
  44. Pallor
    Pale skin
  45. Posterior/Dorsal
    Rear or backside of the body
  46. Proximal
    Nearer to the trunk of the body
  47. Pruritic
  48. Pulmonary Embolism (PE)
    Blocking of a pulmonary artery due to a blood clot
  49. Purulent
  50. Rales
    Crackles; wet crackling noise in lungs
  51. Rhinorrhea
    Clear nasal discharge, "runny nose"
  52. Rhonchi
    Rattling noise of mucous in the lungs
  53. Sepsis
    Dangerous infection of the blood
  54. STEMI
    ST elevation MI, real-time ongoing death of heart tissue due to ischemia
  55. Superior
    Higher on the body, nearer to the head
  56. Supine
    Body position lying face up
  57. Syncope
    "Passing out", loss of consciousness or fainting
  58. Tachycardia
    Fast heart rate (HR greater than 100bpm)
  59. Tachypnea
    Increased breathing rate
  60. Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)
    Minor stroke; where neurological function is regained quickly with time
  61. Vein
    Blood vessel carrying blood towards the heart
  62. Vertigo
    Condition of dizziness, "room spinning"
  63. Wheezing
    High pitched sound heard in the lungs with asthmatics or lung disease
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