SBB Delayed Transfusion Risks

  1. Delayed Immunologic Alloimmuization
    • Immune response to foreign antigens on RBC, or WBC, and Platelets (HLA). 
    • Primary Alloimmunication becomes apparent weeks to months after transfusion
    • Estimated to occur in unselected immunocompetent recipients.
  2. Alloimmunization to RBC Antigens: Serology
    • After alloimmuniczation, ab may fall to undetectable lefels (esp. KIDD).
    • Then, after transfusion with ag+ cells, anamnestic respons may occur within hours to days with IgG ab to transfused RBCs.
    • Pt. DAT may become postive even though the ab levels are not yet detectable in the serum.
    • May need to ELUTE ab off RBC's to identify
    • XM may be compatible
  3. Delayed HTR signs & symptoms
    May see hemolysis with high titer levels of antibody
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