The Command Of Theta

  1. aberration means
    crooked lines
  2. what is approximation and pervasion
    approximation is knowing something by a symbol, pervasion is going into something and becoming it
  3. what are morals
    right and wrong, which are enforced, there is no absolutes but a gradient scale of rightness and wrongness
  4. what are ethics
    its rightness adjusted by reason and judgement
  5. one can live by superstition or
  6. the MEST world is all about what
    duration of beingness, survival
  7. survival in the MEST universe is dependent one what
    beingness doingness and havingness
  8. differentiation is
  9. identification is
  10. words are symbols and have
    nothing to do with the thing
  11. absolutes are
    unobtainable there's rightness and wrongness
  12. ones level of knowledge determines what
    it determines if one has ethics or morals, morals has low level of knowledge, ethics has high level of knowledge
  13. when the mind thinks by perversion what is it doing
    it is going into things and getting it beingness
  14. what are ethics
    its rightness adjusted by judgement and reason
  15. what does philosophize mean
    it means to figure things out
  16. what goes along with morals
    enforcement of morals
  17. what you command you
  18. what you own you
  19. if you crave something what do you do
    leave it alone, its a horrible drug
  20. what obstructs the energy flow from the thetan to the body
    ridges, somatics, past decisions
  21. what determines if one is able to apply what one learns
    on own self-determinism
  22. what you command something you doing what
    your controlling it
  23. what the best motive to do something
    not for approval, but for your own desire for a feeling of a job well done
  24. why do you know God
    because thats you, your existence is empowered by him
  25. what is ARC with God
    does God like me, communicate with me, in agreement with me
  26. what is your ARC with God
    do i like God, do i agree with him, do i communicate with him
  27. to prosper and grow what needs to increase
    ones knowingness
  28. what is survival
    its duration of beingness
  29. what is ones survival dependent on
    ones havingness
  30. what is one's beingness dependent on
  31. when one is sick he's stuck where
    he's stuck on the time track
  32. most people are controlled or placed in space and time by what
    other people, clocks, calendar, suns position, religion, government, police, God
  33. when one is commanded or placed in space and time by something tells him hes what
    hes MEST not theta
  34. what can a thetan give to something
    it can grant life to things which is to be you
  35. one doesn't prosper in absence of what
    of a goal, chief aim, magnificent obsession
  36. you can't prosper in absence of a
    in absence of a goal, which has plus and minus automaticity and randonity
  37. the goal of a thing is to
    attain its own beingness
  38. the goal of a theta is to
    is to exist as theta
  39. what two ways can one operate by
    either by force or by theta
  40. you can make you body do what
  41. what is the optimum solution
    its the optimum good for all dynamics
  42. how can you make a populace afraid and easily controlled
    by getting them to believe that they die
  43. if you were immortal what wouldn't you have
    fear of death
  44. you can make a postulate by doing what
    by what you say
  45. if you keep on doing something long enough for a person what will happen
    you will render the person powerless, he won't be able to do it
  46. a person can shut his eyes and get away from tactile but can be distracted by what
  47. space is or you need space for what
    for beingness or to be,which is a static 40.0
  48. energy is or you need energy for what
    for doingness or to do, doingness is energy 20.0
  49. time is or you need time for what
    for havingness or to have, havingness is congealed energy or a solid 0.0
  50. to have identity one needs what 3 coroners
    be or beingness, space static 40.0 do or doingness energy and motion 20.0 have or havingness, time mass 0.0
  51. instead of  be do have how else can you arrange it
    beingness 40.0 havingness 0.0 doingness 20.0 or static mass energy or motion
  52. when you keep on doing something for someone what did you do to them
    you render them powerless
  53. how one was treated he
    treats himself the same way
  54. how one treats himself he
    treats others the same way
  55. what one does to others he
    does to himself
  56. how does one run in opposites
    what you tell them to do they don't do, what you tell them not to do they do
  57. if one hates what does the emotion hold
    it holds his energy levels on the tone scale
  58. how do you know if one is sane on the 1st dynamic
    if one can create something in a mock up and destroy the mock up, get a mock up of you mother, now blow her up
  59. in order to have energy you need what 2 things
    you need space and a object
  60. from space comes what
  61. from energy comes what
    mass or matter
  62. what does mass have in it
    it has time in it
  63. what causes apathy
    no energy and no space
  64. what is experience made of
    its made of objects and beingness or 20.0 action
  65. truth is the thing that we
    communicate to someone
  66. the degree of truth is based on what
    the agreement we get from others of what we say
  67. what is the biggest truth there is
    it would be a object
  68. there's less truth in what
  69. there's no truth at all in what
  70. if you get someone to agree 100% what did you do to them
    you killed them
  71. what is unhypnosis
    its getting a person out of agreement with the MEST universe
  72. what is inflow
    its agreement
  73. what is outflow
    its disagreement
  74. what is invalidation
    its being hit by force
  75. thought is beyond what
    the MEST universe, like a black hole
  76. whats cause
    its something without space, without time, without form, a true static which has the potential of creating, conserving, altering or destroying matter, energy, space and time.
  77. what is effect
    its mater energy operating in space and time
  78. the greater a thing is an effect the more what
    the more it is fixed in space and the more solid it is
  79. you need space and time for what to exist
    so energy can exist
  80. what 2 kinds of causes are there
    there's a gradient scale of good cause and bad cause
  81. what happens when you postulate and decide to do something you want
    that postulate is projected into the future as a actually then you take action and bring it into existence
  82. what is cause always senior to
    its senior to effect
  83. what is the highest level of cause
    its the desire to cause a effect
  84. what is a lower level of cause
    its the desire to prevent being an effect
  85. a person is in good shape if he can what
    if he can handle a gradient scale of energy of his own creation in space to the attainment of a object
  86. what is responsibility
    its handling energy
  87. if one is interested in his work what is he having
    he's having fun
  88. what comes from the joy of irresponsibility
    one goes down the tone scale
  89. what is stop a gradient scale of
    its of decay destruction and death
  90. what is blame considered
    bad cause
  91. describe a person at a high emotional tone
    he's willingness to cause an effect, how much he wants to effect, and what he wants to effect
  92. describe a person at a lower emotional tone
    how much MEST universe force in space, loose or condensed, is he willing tohandle to create an effect
  93. why is ARC force
    because it energy and energy flows
  94. in order to have force what 2 things do you need
    location and time
  95. be do have is tied in with what 3 things
    start change stop
  96. what are the 3 kinds of space
    was in space, is in space, will be in space
  97. what 3 kinds of motions is there
    was in motion, is in motion, will be in motion
  98. what 3 things are objects
    a postulate is a object, a thought is a object, and a word is a objects to the aberated
  99. what is a object
    its solidified energy
  100. agreement is what
    its death
  101. disagreement is what
    its life
  102. ARC could also be arranged how
    CRA, communication builds agreement, agreement builds reality, reality builds affinity,
  103. if you get someone to agree on little things then you can what
    you can get them to agree on big things
  104. if you get someone to agree with you what do they get
    they get a inflow of energy
  105. a object or first dynamic is divided into what 5 things
    theta or energy, mass or compressed energy, time or motion, identity or purpose, and space or beingness
  106. what are the 3 component parts of ARC
    desire, enforce, inhibit
  107. what are the 3 component parts to have
    desire to have, enforced having, inhibit having
  108. what do you get with identification
    aberration, sickness and insanity
  109. can you kill someone by insulting them
    you can just knock him to pieces until he hasn't got any dreams, he hasn't got any hopes, he has no desires
  110. what is the law about killing
    you can kill slowly with insults, but not fast with physical force
  111. what's known as the conservation of energy
    let's just make MEST out of everything. Let's knock out everybody's imagination, everybody's creative impulses and control everybody. And then get everybody to work hard so they can't enjoy anything. And then let's make everything scarce. And then let's get everybody to hate everybody and then we'll eventually have a universe
  112. what is be do have
    its start change stop
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