STI(1247 exam 1)

  1. what is the best form of protection against std
    male condom
  2. do female condoms prevent std
  3. do contraceptions provide barrier protection
  4. which way are sti's most commonly transfeered
    from men to women
  5. which diseases must be reported to the public health
    • gonorrhea
    • syphyllis
    • chlamydia
  6. which stis are bacterial
    chlamydia and gonhorrea
  7. how is chlamydia and gohnorrhea transmitted
    sexual fluids during vag, oral or anal
  8. in chlamydia and gohnorrhea what is the most common site for men and women
    • men: urethra
    • women: cervix
  9. s/s for chlamydia and gonorrhea
    • -may have none
    • -men: urethral discharge, dysuria, swollen and tender testes
    • -rectal chlamydia: discharge, rectal pain, bleeding
  10. the biggest s/s difference between chlamydia and gonorhhea
    chlamydia: women have purulent vag discharge, bleeding dysuria, pain with intercourse, cervical redness

    gonorhhea: most are asymptomatic or minors/s. increased vag discharge, dysuria, frequency, cervical redness
  11. chlamydia and gonorrhea diagnosis
    • h&p
    • NAAT
    • test for other std
    • test sexual partners
  12. what is NAAT
    • -nucleic acid amplification test
    • -prefeered test for chlamydia and gonorrhea
    • -detects infectious organisms
    • -swab affected area or urine
  13. chlamydia treatment
    azithromycin or doxycycline
  14. azithromycin pt teaching
    • avoid sun
    • no antacids, iron, dairy
    • no when prego
  15. chlamydia and gonorrhea pt teaching
    • no sex for 1 week after treatment and until partner has completed treatment
    • treat partner w/in 60 days
    • retest in 3 months
  16. gonorrhea treatment
    ceftriaxone and azithromycin
  17. chlamydia and gonorrhea complications in men
    • epididymitis(infertility, drainage pus)
    • infertility
  18. chlamydia and gonorrhea complications in women
    • infertility
    • PID
    • ectopic prego because of PID
    • chronic pelvic pain
  19. what causes genital herpes
    HSV 1 and HSV 2
  20. what is the diff b/t HSV 1 and HSV 2
    • 1: oral but could occur anywhere
    • 2: genitals but can also occur anywhere
  21. how is herpes transmitted
    • -direct skin contact or mucos membrane when infected person is symptomatic
    • -could also be during asymptomatic shedding which is impossible to predict
  22. herpes stages
    • prodromol
    • vesicular
    • ulcerative
    • final
  23. prodromol stage
    • no lessions
    • burning, itching or tingiling at site of innoculation
  24. vesicular stage
    • -small vessicles appear on genitals, vagina, cervix, perineum, perianal
    • -vessicles contain large quantities of infected virus
  25. ulcerative stage
    • lessions rupture and form shallow moist ulcerations
    • -urine touching lessions can be painful
    • -autoinnoculation can occur
  26. final stage
    • spontaneous crusting and epithelialization of erosions
    • lessions heal spontaneously in 3 weeks
  27. recurrent genital herpes triggers and when they occur
    • triggers -stress, fatigue, illness, sunburn, immunosuppression, menses
    • -prodromal stage s/s tingling, burning, itching
  28. how is herpes confirmed
    • -NAAT is the only confirmed
    • -visual exam
    • -culture to diff b/t 1 and 2
    • -blood test

    antibodies usually appear about 12 weeks after exposure
  29. herpes treatment
    • -no cure
    • -drugs just inhibit viral replication
    • -acyclovir, valacyclovire, famciclovir
  30. genital warts are caused by
  31. which of the stis is not reportable in many states
    genital warts
  32. genital wart transmission
    • -skin to skin
    • -can resolve spontaneously after 1-2 years
  33. genital wart s/s
    • -usually no s/s
    • -less that 10 flesh colored growths
    • -genitals, inner thigh, perianal, cervix/vagina
    • -itching
    • -bleeding
  34. who is at risk for getting genital warts
    • multiple partners
    • sex at young age
    • immunosuppresion
    • uncircumsized
  35. when is hsv most transmitted
  36. what culture confirms genital warts
    it is viral so no culture
  37. how is genital warts diagnosed
  38. what is the main complication of genital warts
    -mostly asymptomatic so cervical cancer
  39. what is primary goal of wart treatment
    removal of any symptomatic wart
  40. what is treatment for genital warts
    • -course therapy
    • -laser, cryo, surgical, gel,
  41. genital wart pt teaching
    • -reccurence and reinfection is possible
    • -gardisil and cervarix vaccine
  42. when should ppl receive hpv vaccine
    • 11-12 yr old receive 2 doses 6 months apart
    • 15-26 three doses
  43. syphilis is a ___ infection caused by ____
    • bacterial
    • treponema palladium
  44. is syphilis a reportable disease
  45. syphilis is also known as the ___
    great pretender
  46. what makes syphilis diff
    if you don't treat it it can become multisystemic
  47. syphillis transmission
    • -during sex
    • direct contact with lesion
    • mom to baby via blood stream
  48. syphillis incubation
    • 10-90 days
    • average 21
  49. syphillis primary
    • occurs-21 days after
    • ineffectivity-high
    • duration-3-6w
    • s/s-single/multiple cancers and enlarged lymph nodes
  50. syphillis secondary
    • occurs- few weeks after cancre heals
    • ineffectivity-high
    • duration-1-2 years
    • s/s- multiple systemic
  51. syphillis latent
    • "hidden"
    • occurs-weeks to years after initial infection
    • ineffectivity-less than a yr more more than a year less
    • duration- lifetime
    • s/s- none
  52. syphillis late
    • "tertiary"
    • occurs-1-20yrs after initial
    • ineffectivity-non infectious
    • duration-lifetime/fatal
    • s/s-multisystemic
  53. which stages will heal on their own
    primary and secondary
  54. syphillis stage s/s
    • rashes
    • moucus patches
    • condylomata lata(moist papules)
    • flu like symptoms
  55. tertiary syphillis complications
    • gummas
    • cardiovascular
    • ocular syphillis
    • neurosyphillis
  56. gummas
    chronic destructive lessions and can damge any organ
  57. cardiovascular syphilis
    aneurysm, heart failure,
  58. how is syphillis diagnosed
    two step blood test
  59. syphillis blood tests
    • nontreponeal test
    • VDRL and RPR
  60. facts about the nontreponeal test
    • they are not specific to syphillis
    • can have false positives
  61. specific tests for syphillis
    treponeal test confirm specic antibodies

    • FTA-abs
    • TP-Pa
  62. how is syphillis treated
    antibiotic penicillin or doxycycline
  63. what age group is more sucesptable to HPV
  64. what disease is known as the great pretender
  65. which bacteria causes syphillis
    t palladium
  66. do you have to report syphillis
  67. if you don't treat this disease then it becomes multisystemic
  68. how is syphilis transmitted
    • direct contact with lesion
    • sex
  69. incubation for period for syphillis
    10-90 days
  70. stages of syphillis
    • primary
    • secondary
    • latent(hidden)
    • late(tertiary)
  71. syphilis primary stage

    -how long
    if untreated
    • -21 days
    • -sexual orphaces
    • -3-6 weeks
    • -heal on its own but progress to next stage
    • -single or multiple cancres, enlarged lymph
  72. syphilis secondary stage

    • -few weeks after cancre heels
    • -mouth, anogenital, trunk
    • -multiple systemic: rash on trunk, patches in mouth, condylomata(moist anogenital), flu like s/s
    • -1-2 years
  73. syphilis latent stage
    • -weeks to years after initial infection
    • -lifetime or progress
    • -no s/s
  74. syphilis late(tertiary)stage
    • -rare, 1-20 after initial
    • -lifetime, fatal
    • -can effect any organ
  75. how infectious

    • -highly
    • -highly
    • -<1yr infectious >1yr non infectious
    • -non infectious
  76. late syphilis complications
    gummas: chronic destructive lessions, damage organs

    cardiocascular: aneurysm, HF, heart valve

    ocular: decrease aquity, perm blind

    neurosyphilis: personality, demensia, speech, loss muscle
  77. how is syphilis diagnosed
    two stage testing

    • blood:nontrep for screening
    • specif trep for confirmation
  78. Syphillis

    Blood tests
    • -nontrep test used for screening
    • -vdrl and rpr
    • -simple, cheap
    • -false-positives
  79. Syphillis

    specific test
    • trep test for confirmation
    • -FTA-ABs and TP-PA
    • -detect specific antitreponemal antibodies
  80. if a person is treated for syphilis would they still have a positive test
    yes always
  81. how is syphilis treated
  82. treatment

    -all stages
    -if penicillin is contraindicated
    • -penicillin
    • -doxycycline or tetracycline
    • -aqueous procaine pen G
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