1.2 Finite-State Machine with Output

  1. What is included in a state machine?
    M = (S, I, O, f, g, ,s0)

    • S = A finite set of states
    • I = An input alphabet
    • O = Output alphabet
    • f = A transition function assigning the next¬†¬† state for every input
    • g = Function assigning the Output for every input given.
    • s0 = A Staring State
  2. Give example of what state machines are used for?
    They are used in spelling programs and word searching. Easy to validate strings etc.
  3. What two ways can be used to visualize state machines?
    State machine tables or state machine diagrams.
  4. Draw up a state machine for with 5 states I=[0,1] O=[0,1] with both a f and g function.
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  5. Explain the How and why we can say that
    g(x) = y where y is the output corresponding to the input string x.
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  8. Create a finite state machine for subtraction.
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1.2 Finite-State Machine with Output
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