1. perder
    to lose (e to ie)
  2. empezar
    to begin (e to ie)
  3. querer
    to want (e to ie)
  4. preferir
    to prefer (e to ie)
  5. pensar
    to think (e to ie)
  6. divertirse
    to enjoy (e to ie)
  7. despertarse
    to wake up(e to ie)
  8. mentir
    to lie (e to ie)
  9. cerrar
    to close (e to ie)
  10. comenzar
    to begin (e to ie)
  11. entender
    to understand (e to ie)
  12. poder
    to be able to (o to ue)
  13. jugar
    to play (u to ue)
  14. contar
    to tell (o to ue)
  15. costar
    to cost (o to ue)
  16. encontrar
    to find (o to ue)
  17. recordar
    to remember (o to ue)
  18. volar
    to fly (o to ue)
  19. dormir
    to sleep (o to ue)
  20. volver
    to return-person(o to ue)
  21. devolver
    to return-thing (o to ue)
  22. acostarse
    to go to bed (o to ue)
  23. almorzar
    to eat lunch (o to ue)
  24. pedir
    to ask for (e to i)
  25. servir
    to serve (e to i)
  26. repetir
    to repeat (e to i)
  27. reir
    to laugh (e to i)
  28. sonreir
    to smile (e to i)
  29. seguir
    to follow (e to i)
  30. vestirse
    to dress oneself (e to i)
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